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Is anyone else pissed at Telltale games?

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Let me explain, after completing TWD there is an entertainment void in my life; TWD was so beautifully crafted (Aside from minor bugs) that when put up against other games released so far, almost every single one falls short for one reason or another. My question for you guys is: what games are there to play that have as thought provoking stories and emotionally involving character arcs as The Walking Dead?
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  • ^I would love to play that game but I don't have a PS3
  • thesuperzapper;755042 said:
    ^I would love to play that game but I don't have a PS3
    Me too :(
  • Yeah, Heavy Rain is probably one of the only games that's both driven on player choice and is emotional.
  • And here I was ready to flame the OP. :P

    From what I hear Heavy Rain is also really good. The Fallout series is also pretty good with emotions and choices. It's got an entire world full on depressing and dangerous things to explore.
  • I'm not pissed. Games like this and Heavy Rain the first two Fallout games and Bioware's better offerings... they're what's happening. Video games should evolve as an art form. Eventually, the industry will get the message that this is what they should be doing, as long as people keep offering up their dollar votes to the games that count, that are compelling and feature something more than generic white male space marine story #35000.

    I'd love to see gaming evolve to the point where choices can become increasingly more complex and meaningful, but money's the only way it's going to happen. Money and word of mouth and awards, but especially money.
  • Red Dead Redemption
  • Spec Ops: The Line has a pretty intense story, inspired somewhat by the movie Apocalypse Now (one of my all time favorite movies), and really takes a look at the psychological stress of war. The game is pretty short (I beat it in 4-5 hours) and the gameplay is bad, so you might be better off looking up a Let's Play of it. But the story is pretty amazing, although not as moving or emotional as The Walking Dead.
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