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EP.5 not free with season pass

posted by Mcf805 on - last edited - Viewed by 919 users
I bought the season pass when the first episode came out, and all the dlc untill now has been "Free". when i went to download the 5th episode it was asking me to buy it. so for some reason something isnt recognising my season pass. please help.:confused:
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    Can you please take a screenshot of what you're seeing and attach it to this thread?
  • I got the same problem. On the main menu (ingame) see that the game is purchased, but when I click on get in the market see that I need to purchase it for 5$. Why after the psn market update we need to buy the addon? Previus episode addons was free for download from there. Latter when I go home will put screenshot.

    After my last problems with the episode4. Support of the PSN reccoment me to buy games from my region.
    Last night I bought the episode5 from EU store and after installing it I have messege "comming soon" (not play). Walking dead is awsome game and I wanna play it, but now I bought season pass and episode5 and still can't play it ... Please fix this.
  • I am having the exact same problem. I bought a season pass, and I cannot play Episode 5. It prompts me to go to the PSN and buy the episode.

    Here is an image of the prompt screen, as per your request.

    I think that I see the problem. The game does not think that I have Episode 1 installed, which is a prerequisite for Episode 5. However, I can access and play Episode 1 on my system with no issues.

    Please advise.

    Thank you.
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    First off, let me assure you that if you have purchased the Season Pass, all episodes are included.

    Based on the screenshot above, the game does not recognize that you bought the Season Pass (as the link on the left shows as 'Buy Season Pass'). Please make sure that you are logged into the account that you used to initially purchase the Season Pass.

    If you can confirm that you are logged into the account that bought the Season Pass, but you are still having problems, such as the game not recognizing the purchase, or prompting you to purchase content when selecting 'Get' for any episode, please contact Sony Support, as purchase status information is kept on their end, and they can look into your records to make sure everything is accurate.

    Unfortunately, we do not have access to any of Sony's systems, or your purchase records, so Sony Support will be the only one's who can assist you with this issue.
  • Yeah. I'm logged into the account that I bought the Season Pass with. No luck.

    Grrr. Sony. :mad:

    Thanks, Matt. Your company made a fantastic game. Cheers.
  • @MattP can you tell me if there is any difference between US and EU addons?

    Because have 4 working episodes from US account, which I already played on my main EU account and bought 5th from EU and give me comming soon.
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    The US and Eu versions of the games are not compatible. I'm surprised you were able to play the US versions on an Eu account. Is your PS3 also EU or US? For all content to be recognized, it must match the region of the base episode (Episode 1).
  • I fix my issue with buying again the episode 5. The game is alsome and good job for that!

    I won't comment the support (this is not only for you). This was my last digital game.
  • hi im having problems too i have it bought i have proof of purchase of my season pass i have only had this problem since episode 5 has come out and now it is saying i have to buy my season pass again and all other episodes i have the demo my key proof of my purchase i get the message i dont want to have to buy this pass again when i have already payed for it and played it till episode 5 please telltale games can you help if you need to i can get screens shots of the message off play station and proof of purchase as this is very frustrating....
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