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TWD: Help regarding Xbox 360 installation...

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sup people...I have a retail copy of The Walking Dead and when I tried to install it from DVD to my hard drive I noticed that there isn't a prompt for it - to be honest I hate playing game from the DVD drive b/c of the noise and heat..has anyone been able to install this ? thanks alot appreciate the help..tried to research it via search engines and found nothing.. I also have Episode 1 that I downloaded for free on xbox live and when I logged on via the dvd disk I notice it says that I have all chapter installed allready...

happy new year ppl
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  • As far as I know, you can't install the retail version of the Walking Dead on the 360's hard drive. This seems to be a limitation for any XBLA game released on a disc. My only guess is because downloadable games are originally coded to run directly from the hard drive, it would probably skip the disc check that normally prevents you from copying games. =/
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