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Which St.John brothers did you kill?

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Which St.John brothers did you kill?
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  • Malphaxis;714258 said:
    But not because he didnt ask for it or that he didnt deserve it, but at that point, 2/3 surounded by the oncoming herd, killing him would have been merciful and I wasnt going there with him.
    Still, it's quite surprising...
  • Viser;713710 said:
    Danny. Don't tell an angry dude who's waving a pitchfork at your face that he doesn't have the balls to kill you. That's just stupid :p
    Exactly ^^
  • Danny because at the moment he felt like a real threat whereas with Andy I felt more in control of the situation especially with the whole group there.
  • The first time, Danny because I was angry and worried about the others' safety and I never wanted to let him hurt anyone ever again. I didn't kill Andy because he was yelling at me to do so and Clementine was watching, and as I looked between his sad, pathetic face and the warm comfort of my group, all I wanted was to be with them, with the side bonus of showing him how irrelevant he was. That he hadn't destroyed us, but his family had destroyed itself. That was more important than anything.

    The second time, neither. I decided a quick death was too merciful after the suffering they put others through, and that being eaten was a far more fitting fate for unrepentant cannibals. "Hoist by his own petard", as they say.

    The merciful choice is of course to kill both, but knowing what they did to Mark and who knows how many others, I didn't feel very merciful towards them.
  • I didn't kill any of them, left them on their own. I couldn't kill but I'm sure the walkers got to them.
  • By abandoning them to the herd I figure I killed them both indirectly anyhow.
  • Neither. I try to never kill my enemies, as much as i can. Vengeance cannot be a thing. Lee sums it up well: "This is not how the world works now! You won't make me kill you!"
  • Killed them both.
  • I killed the first one, and Clem saw me and looked scared of me. Then as I was beating the 2nd one the camera panned out and the whole group was watching me. So I decided to leave the 2nd one alive.
  • neither, left them both!
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