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Who Would make the greatest Walking Dead team?

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Yeah. It's a big list. There were MORE than 50.

Of all the characters in the Walking Dead universe, which would make the best group together? And don't say "everybody".
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  • HiggsBoson2142;754661 said:
    Uh...I'm not much of a weapons/war kind of guy... Is there really a difference between Marksman and Rifleman?
    Yes, Marksman is another word for Sharpshooter/Sniper. In the comics, Andrea is very accurate with guns and rifles, a crack shot.
  • ?why isnt the st, johns there?
  • Daryl, Rick , Kenny , Lee , Carley , Tyreese , Abraham , Andrea and Carl.
  • Rick, Lee, Daryl, Carl, Clementine, Molly, Glenn and Maggie
  • HiggsBoson2142;752751 said:
    Dang. I just now realized I picked seventeen. Well, out of fifty.

    I just know somebody's going to choose Ben, The Governor, Larry, Merle, and Campman.
    I LOL'ed pretty hard in real life when I saw that list.
  • So My team is large, but I think would work, so here it is.
    Lee(My Version)- I played Good Guy Lee, and I feel he generally works well with any of the other leaders. He was pretty much a given for me.
    Lilly-Lilly is a strong woman that tries to look out for the group. She's smart, though sometimes can be blinded by her anger.
    Kenny- He's a family man and will do anything to protect his family. He can be very helpful at times, but at other times a total prick. He can be very motivating though is blinded by nautical fantasies a lot of the time.
    Shane- Shane Knows how to survive even if it means his humanity, and does a good job at keeping a group safe.

    Searchers/Scavengers/Supply Gatherers:
    Glenn- Sort of self-explanatory. This is what he's best at.
    Molly- She has also shown herself as a very good Supply-Gatherer. She has shown to have good wits, and is very athletic. Yeah another given for me.

    Hershel- Yeah he would be the main man. He knows how to treat human wounds despite being a vet.
    Katjaa- While it's debatable how many medics should have I feel two is a good number. As well She gives Kenny a reason to stay motivated and protect the group.

    Clementine- Can't Have Good guy Lee without Clem, in-fact you can't have any Lee without Clem. As well she has shown to be quite helpful for being a kid.
    Duck- Again gives Kenny motivation, as well Batman Lee will need a sidekick if worse comes to worse
    Ben- Yeah I'm putting him here. Even though he's a teen he's still a kid, even Chuck agrees with that. Despite messing everything up He's still always friendly, hopefully he won't make any more deals with the bandits. He can also serve watch duty if need be so yeah I feel he is a good addition.

    Carley- She doesn't know what a battery is, but she has a good aim, and a good shooter seems essential in the Apocalypse. As well she has a generally charismatic personality, which is always nice.
    Doug- This guy adds humor to the group so that way they all aren't always sad, and since Carley isn't dead in this case he should be a lot less depressed. As well he is smart as shown with his defense mechanism, for the Motor Inn Group. Who knows what other traps and such he could make. Only bad side is he is shown to have a eating habit.
    Larry- This may come as a shock. Why would I want one of the most hated TWD characters in my group. Well for one he is strong. He is shown to be the strongest member of the Motor Inn group in game. As well since his daughter is a part of the group now, he has a reason to protect the group. Only bad thing is his heart problems, and his anger, but we have to medics so the heart problems would be less of a deal than normal.
    Chuck- He has a drinking habit, but is formidable in close combat. He could probably do runs to get food if needed.
    Daryl- Why wouldn't someone have this guy in there group. He can do all the necessary's of zombie survival groups. He has a good aim, he's good in close combat, He could do food runs, and he can hunt. Seems like an awesome group member to me.

    One problem I can see with this group though is the amount of food required to feed everyone, but that's what rationing is for.
  • Rick and Lee as leaders.
    Darryl and Kenny as backup.
    Michone and Molly as Melee.
    Clem as Spec ops :D she can sneak in through small openings and she's a relatively good shot, she'd be just fine.
    Glenn to gather supplies.
    yes i don't want to pick tooooo many so that would be my dream team.
  • Clem,Lee,Molly and Doug

    Clem- the sharpshooter
    Lee- The leader
    Molly- The survivor
    Doug- The techie
  • Rick, Lee, Daryl, Glenn, Doug and Hershel.

    Got a leader, a badass, another badass, a scout, an engineer and a medic. Though maybe some kids would give them something to defend and make them more close-knit.
  • In my opinion:
    1. Lee
    2. Daryl
    3. Rick
    4. Kenny
    5. Molly.
    6. Tyreese
    7. Christa
    8. Omid.
    9. Michonne
    10. Carley.
    11. Glenn
    12. Medic... (Hershel)
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