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Which character in this game you hate the most?

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At first, I hate Larry because hes a dick when he hit me on the face. But later in the farm, he seem to be better and I begin to not hate him. And in chapter 3, Carly death is so FKING SHOCKING and I FKING HATE LILY and LEFt her. So I hate Lily the MOST.
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  • Larry.

    He's just an asshole with no redeeming qualities.

    Lilly I view as being a tragic character. She isn't a bad person, she just became completely unhinged by Larry's death. I was angry when she killed Carley, and she got left on the side of the road, but I never hated the character.
  • Not really any of them. I, and my Lee, could see Larry's point of view. From Larry's perspective, here comes this man who he has seen on the news was convicted of murder, of a United States Senator no less, and is being sent away for life in prison. Not only is this man not in prison, but he shows up to the group with a little girl and his daughter starts to get along with him fairly well from the get go.

    Yeah he was a jerk to others besides just Lee, but even still you have to see his point of view. When he threatens Lee at the motel for the first time at the end of Episode 1, he even mentions if anything happens to Clem because of Lee he'd take care of him, not just looking out for Lilly.

    If you tell Mark in Episode 2 that Larry is just looking out for his daughter, and then Mark tells Larry that, he just reacts surprised and says something like "I just need something to eat. Going this long without food would make anyone cranky."

    Like I said, he is usually a colossal jerk, but I can still see his point of view.

    I guess I'd say Vernon. There is a real morally ambiguous character. Even if you are completely honest with him, and he is kind with you upon leaving, and even if you agree to let him take Clem, he will still come back to the house with his group and steal the boat out from under your group. He leaves Clem behind to die from the herd, even if Lee agreed to let him take her, and goes so far as to beat anyone that was left behind at the house and lock them in the shed.

    Vernon ended up being a person as bad as the people in Crawford, which he hated so much. I'd have liked to run into him again in Episode 5... but alas.
  • Larry - First threatens to throw out Duck when he wasn't even bitten to begin with, then he tries to kill Lee right in front of Clementine, even after he saved his life. He may out to protect his daughter, but there are better ways to do it than acting like a paranoid asshole.

    Lilly - She had no right to murder one of our own. I used to have some sympathy for her after Larry's head got smashed in, but she threw it all away after pulling the trigger like that.

    Campman - He thinks Lee's a bad guy but his own actions don't really make him much of a saint. He lied to Clem about having her parents so he could get her. He made her leave her hat behind without even considering how important it is to her. He locked her in a room with no way for her to get out just because he didn't want her to see Lee. He also keeps his undead wife's head in bag, acting like she's alive.
  • Larry - The paranoid asshole threaten to throw out Duck when he wasn't even bitten to begin with and tried to kill Lee right in front of Clementine, even after he saved his life.

    Lilly - Was always looking out for herself and Larry, and never trusted anyone. Plus, She had no right to murder one of our own.

    Campman - He is the very thing that he claims Lee to be, only twice as bad.

    1) You're an idiot.

    2) Give Larry a break. He has the right to be paranoid over something like that. Its a zombie apocalypse!

    3) "Lilly was always looking out for herself and Larry" That's false. Yes, she took Larry's side in most of the arguments, but that's only because he's her father! When it came down to it, Lilly cared about the group, and was willing to do anything to protect them. Even if it meant killing potential threats like Carley.

    4) Campman had his reasons to kidnap Clem.. He thought he was doing the right thing. It's not like he stole her for shits and giggles. You really need to look at both sides of the story before calling people out on this shit.
  • I dislike Larry A LOT, and his daughter as well, although not as much. I don't hate either of them, although I was a bit glad when they were both gone (as people, as far as written characters go they were both great).

    I hate VERNON. The only person I TRULY HATE in this game. He went behind our backs and took our group's only chance to get out of the city with what few people remained. Hell, there's a chance that Ben and Kenny would still be alive if he hadn't stolen the boat. And instead of being scattered and lost, the group might be together on the boat and safe, at least for a little while. He and his group royally screwed Lee and Co.
  • I hate Steve and mac. Mac was eaten but he didnt fend for himself and steve was doing radio in the Za...
  • Larry, Brie, or Vernon. Yeah, probably Vernon.
  • I hate Lilly- and of course I'm sure the reason is already you know, known.
    I understand that she was close to her breaking point, but wtf man, the only thing i would do is like punch the person in the face a couple of times, but NOT kill. Carley was a well loved character who I dont think deserved to die. If she did, with Lee. I try not to think she did, I just think she survived and stuff since the bullet only hit the cheek/jaw. (which isn't that fatal as a gunshot to the brain)

    I also didn't like Vernon and Larry. Larry kept screaming and such, but of course yeah hes looking out for Lilly, but i dont get how he's so paranoid about Lee, when he isn't bad, and the murderer thing is past.
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