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ios Episode 4 Chapter 5: Medicine. BUG!!!!

posted by Ninchic on - last edited - Viewed by 716 users
I have problem!

When I come in Nurse room cant click on the Medical file. It's just wont respond. I attached picture.

So, I cant go further and end this chapter. :( Help!

I play on iphone 4 and I have all ios updates. Till iOS 6.0.1


click to see picture
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  • And there are some stuff in the room which acts the same way.
  • If it helps you can send me your save files and I will play past that part, save it and give the new save files back to you.
    You can use iExplorer or PhoneView to access your save files (Apps>Walking Dead>Documents).
    As far as I know the prefs.pop and all *.save files are needed.
  • In case someone from Telltale is actually watching these threads. I'd like to confirm I have the same exact issue as the original poster.
  • Figured out a fix:

    When selecting the chapter to play, there's a rewind button. If you go back and play the part over right before the nurses office, everything works properly. I can pick up the medical file now.
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