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  • Nekrocop;748961 said:
    Carley, Kenny, Mark and Ben are pretty much the characters that needed to live. I voted for Mark.
    I like your list. I voted for Ben because he's just so young to die, but Mark is a close second for me. Very close. Kenny... it's hard to see him wanting to live, but I wished he could've found some reasons. With Carley, she and Lee had so much potential...

    Duck's loss was awful, but it did so much for the story... plotwise I wouldn't save him, but of course in a real life situation I'd do everything I could to keep the children alive. He was such a plucky little ray of sunshine, and he and Clem had each other as playmates... it was so sweet for a while there.
  • Kenny. But is he really dead?
  • DreadMagus;748820 said:
    Carley, I mean, it was just a graze to the cheek, man. For real.
    It went through her cheek, but an instant death and such? Wtf? I don't think you'll die instantly. It just hit her jaw, some blood vessels (im sure not all major ones) and stuff. Im sure they could patch her up.

    I'd place my bet on Carley-- she was a very good character with a good voice and personality. it would be interesting how the rest of the story would be affected if she hadn't ___. + shes a very powerful character, affects lee a lot. I'd say CARLEY should be saved! She should be alive, and maybe raise clem as their own (if we alter the story)

    or Mark. Hes a good guy too. 2nd pick.
    3rd pick duck.
    4th is kenny.

    (To another guy)
    Clem doesn't die o.0. She's still alive.
  • One person? That would be definitely Carley, and if there were a second person, Duck.
  • Phil_TWD;755494 said:
    One person? That would be definitely Carley, and if there were a second person, Duck.
    All hail Carley and Lee!
    (Screw Lilly, If i was a modder, i would modify ep 3 onwards and add an option to do something to Lilly)
  • I'd save the life of Carley. Her death felt so unexpected and false. It was really hard to hear Ben telling you that it was him who took the supplies.
  • Mark because, although I like Carley/Doug/Duck/Katjaa, I could see him making it through Ep5 or half of it. Carley would have probably died in a heroic way midway through, Doug too, and Katjaa and Duck would have been traumatized by everything.
  • Just letting you all know there are no free spells here. Saving duck only saves Duck. Saving Larry only saves Larry. No ways to cheat into saving more than one. You fuckers. (I'm just kidding, love you all.)
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