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[TWD] Episode 2 refuses to start, only given a ''Rewinding'' option

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As the title says, i can't start episode 2. I've played through it before with no problems, and i have finished all of the episodes. Playing on the PC, on Steam. I have had problems with episode 2 before, the infamous ''black screen with the axe icon'' and i did the whole delete a file in your TWD folder, at which point it functioned perfectly. But now, as the title says, whenever i try to start episode 2 all i get is a warning that if i rewind, all my choices are going to be deleted, and it gives me a ''do you want to continue'' question where i can choose yes or no, and no matter what i take the screen just remains black, with nothing else happening. Any help would be appreciated.
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    DjNDB Moderator
    supershelleybean;755535 said:
    I did what you said and made copies of the save files and the pro file and went to try playing the game again and it still wont let me play, now i cant even start a new game without the black screen coming up ... what do i do now ?
    Did you disable steam cloud first?
    Did you try replacing the prefs.prop in the savegame folder, with each pref.prop you may have found in the install folder individually?
    Did you make sure there is no prefs.prop in the install folder or its subfolders anymore?
  • I have already disabled steam cloud from the properties option, there are no other prefs.prop files in any of the other folders for the walking dead. the was only 1prefs.prop which i replaced, but ive just played episode 1 again and the same thing happens when i try to get onto the next chapter, i can only play the first one or the other save game episode im on which is 4 it will not let me progress
  • Ive just done that from the link you sent me and it still refusing to play the second episode
  • i have also tried uninstalling and re installing steam as some said that has worked but that also did nothing for me, what else can i try ?
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    DjNDB Moderator
    I fear i don't know a way to help you, and keep your savegames.

    Please try what happens if you make a backup copy of your savegame folder ( ~/Library/Application Support/Telltale Games/TheWalkingDead/ ), and then delete the original.

    Then try for all episodes, if starting in an empty save slot with random choices works.
  • I have given up on saving my game that i played, im more interested in making my game work properly at this point, what can i do so i can play the game through without all the problems ive been having ??

    should i try un installing the walking dead and re installing it ?
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    DjNDB Moderator
    Did you try deleting the savegames as i described in my previous post?
  • Yeah i tried that before, ive done everything you have suggested but to no luck, after deleting the same files i tries to play from the beginning, got to episode to but then it said all the episodes were coming soon but i have already bought the whole package.
  • Ok its been a few days, is there any help you could give to make my game work at all, im getting a bit frustrated as its been going on since november and telltale games havent been very helpful
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