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How have save file glitches affected your experience?

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  • Ruined it. I don't want to generate random events in order to play episode 3. I purchased all 5 episodes on steam sales and I'm pretty pissed about that. That problem dates back at least 6 months from what I can tell and Telltale could have least offered a workaround by letting you choose the previous decisions besides the option to randomize it.
  • It ruined the game since I can't finish episode 3 without getting a save glitch. I don't know if it worth my time to try finish the game? It will take me a couple hours every time to get back episode 3 but I constantly get a save glitch. Not sure if I will have any problems with episodes 4 and/or 5 if I get to those sections in the game? I bought the entire season from the XBLA sale so at least that has lessen the blow to my wallet. At this point I won't be able to finish the game in its current state. It is shame since the game seemed to be an awesome ride for the first two episodes.
  • Antmaster;754540 said:
    It is shame since the game seemed to be an awesome ride for the first two episodes.
    Second that. :(
  • Didn't happen to me, so me don' give a fuck.
  • The bug happened to me while on ep4. Had to play from beginning. Still haven't finished..
  • The game started reverting back to episode 1 midway through episode 3. Was an amazing game until this, so frustrated don't know if I want to deal with getting back to episode 4. Xbox arcade should start issuing some refunds.
  • Don't worry guys, Telltale has said not enough people have complained about this issue to warrant them giving a damn.

    I hope affected gamers continue to pressure the gaming press to report on TTG's inept QA and support departments.

    Telltale games has successfully violated every single one of the ideas presented in this article.

    And yet they somehow are being rewarded as a great studio. It is so frustrating that Telltale games continues to hook in new customers without giving a damn to fix their game. I think TTG should be heaped in with the EA's and Activisions of the world.

    They are no better than the other profit seeking behemoths, and gamers should be aware that TTG is just as bad with their business practices. They deserve to be recognized for developing a good game, but the rest of their business operations is terrible.
  • As of 2013 this is still a problem.. I downloaded all 5 from Xbox Live and they all worked fine up until 4 (several graphical glitches aside, looking at you Invisible Duck and Headless Lee being dragged through the bottom of a truck). Then it deleted my save and started over at episode 1... Great waste of 8 hours.

    Can't believe this. The very least they could do is offer a way at the start of every episode to pick the previous choices before you start.
  • > I haven't been affected but I feel bad for those who have and would be angered if it happened to me.

    It's sad that others are getting technical problems when playing this amazing game. :(
  • I'm confused. Unless this is some kind of massively complicated fix (and it doesn't seem like it would be) then why in the hell haven't they fixed it. Anytime you go to a forum and it's so full of complaints about the same problem, it needs to get fixed. I guarentee they are going to lose more money in the long run by not fixing it. The numbers above are only a tiny fraction of the actual numbers. Most people with a problem aren't going to find this thread, and most of the ones who do aren't going to register just to vote. This is really perplexing (and annoying)
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