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Another pissed off customer!

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BTW, just like everyone else having issues with the retail version of walking dead, its not limited to 4GB slims.. I have the limited edition halo 4 xbox and it hardly works.. I've had to redo episode one twice .. finally got it to go to episode 2, only to have the first half of the episode completely unplayable(well its playable but everyone talks fast and its hard to understand whats going on).. and now that I finished up last night.. i copied my save to all three slots.. and guess what.. went to play episode 3 and BACK TO THE FIRST EPISODE! THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE... you release this on DVD and you guys didn't even test it.. are you kidding me!! Any way to get my damn money back so I can buy the digital copy on live????????????????????????????
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  • I got this game on Christmas, and I played the first episode it was laggy as hell and I thought it was just the first episode but it was the whole damn game disc.. I tryed to return it back GameStop but they wouldn't wanted to give me a refund and they would only give me around $10 something for credit and if I wanted to sell they were going to give me less than that... Forget that! I grabbed my game and walked away I'm not selling my game or get store credit for that much from a game that was $29.99.. I had the original recipe and also the gift recipe.. Telltale and GameStop sucks!!! So I'm stuck with the game hoping for a patch...
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