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Which games are you currently playing?

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basically name a game or more that you are currently playing (or have been recently) and say what you think of it.

Prince of Persia (newest): It is OK, not as good as the last 3, the removal of death as a deterrent is irritating, I wish they had not done it, it seems like a way to appeal to "casuals". I think the combat is dry and repetitive also.

Smash Bros:brawl: Overall an excellent game, however a lot of the mechanics from melee worked better in my opinion

Halo Wars: the best RTS I have played on a console, over simplified compared to PC ones, although that is to be expected. It is a pity Ensemble don't exist anymore
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  • Doing another playthrough of the Serious Sam series, as I recently purchased the Jewel Of The Nile DLC for Serious Sam 3.
  • Darth Marsden;755721 said:

    I just started Triple Towns. God is it good.
  • I've been trying to figure out one game to play before I've got to get back to work. Current unfinished games I've got going are:

    Deus Ex
    Deus Ex: HR
    Temple of Elemental Evil
    Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet

    How on earth do I choose from this list?

    My other option is just to forget this entire list and start up Beyond Good and Evil instead.
  • Actively, I've been playing Sonic Generations (outside of my Let's Play run with Fawful, where I'm halfway through Sonic Adventure DX), and so far I've been pretty happy with it. It's not perfect, but even aside from the huge nostalgia trip, I've been having a lot of fun with it.

    As for games that I'm halfway through...I couldn't even begin to list them.
  • I have 133 games installed on Steam right now. Help!
  • Darth Marsden;755777 said:
    I figured this would be the response... but there's this issue that I fucking suck at playing Psychonauts.

    In that I got stuck... in the tutorial.

    But I guess I could try again. My only fear is that since my skills are so awful, I'll never actually be able to complete the game since I've heard the difficulty ramps up considerably.
  • Where are you stuck in the tutorial?
    Wonder how to turn around on a pole? I think it was "F".
  • der_ketzer;755788 said:
    Where are you stuck in the tutorial?
    Wonder how to turn around on a pole? I think it was "F".
    It wasn't controls. It was just me being awful. It was the section where you have to duck behind walls to avoid getting hit by the machine gun and I could only make it about halfway across before getting gunned down. Then, as I remember, it was three in the morning so I just gave up.
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