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Thoughts after playing Season 1 (Perhaps)

posted by suckerzzzzz on - last edited - Viewed by 221 users
It is the first game i played that focused on the story line so much, i like this style of game with choice and i am quite touched about the story.
However, i think the game needs to make players' choices mean something, maybe making the game different endings, like a "dull" ending for all the ridiculous choices from players', a good ending for a good choice(when making important decisions), a bad ending when the choice made is not the best.
As a player, i don't mind spending money on this style or type of games with strong/good-story-based and also i am quite looking forward to the next Season if it really exists.
Thank You for the game.
OH GOD, i really love Clementine:D and i don't think i understand the cut scene she got to the countryside:(
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  • You're not really supposed to get the ending with Clem in the countryside. TTG is leaving it open for either interpretation, or to make the second season have a loose jump-off point so making a story becomes easier.
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