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I feel like I've been scammed

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Why isn't there a warning in the beginning of the game that says: "In episode 3, you lose four original characters in a very short time and there is nothing you can do about it, so it doesn't matter what you say to those characters during the game at all."

I actually had to search for a walkthrough of the game when I was playing episode 3 to find out whether or not I was doing something wrong.

Turns out that even though you have 4 dialog options at your disposal, there is nothing you can do to save those characters. And the walkthrough says that the game isn’t even half way through.

What's the motive to continue playing? All the dialog choices I made previously did not matter at all.

The game should have just ended with the RV driving off a cliff and killing everyone. This is really disappointing to say the least. I just uninstalled the game without completing episode 3.

How can a game go from being SO GOOD to completely down the drain in less than half an hour?
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  • theres 2 more episodes bro if you don't like 3 skip it i guess no reason to be mad image
  • people die that's all there is to it its is rated m for a reason and losing characters is gonna happen this game is very emotional i cried so many times playing this game and thats what makes it good
  • Have you heard of a twist
  • Welcome... to zombie horror fiction time!
  • Well, I bought the game because I watched a gameplay video for about 10 minutes and the first thing it said was this:

    "This game series adapts to the choices you make. The story is tailored by how you play."

    But in reality it is a very linear game. It merely gives an illusion of having a choice. Pretty much the only choice you have is getting to choose which dialog audio files you want to hear and that is it. This is false advertising and I don't think I'll ever buy anything from telltalegames again.

    Why couldn't the developers the honest about it instead of lying?

    Thanks for wasting my time and money and happy new year, I guess...
  • It does adapt to your choices.

    I get the feeling you were expecting wildly divergent paths.
  • Butthurt? You must be new to The Walking Dead.
  • k1ngMe;755900 said:
    Butthurt? You must be new to The Walking Dead.
    While you can't always save everyone, to an extent, it is a valid gripe that choices don't really change the story; particularly when that's one of the selling points.
  • THE FEELS OF LOSING CARLEY!!!1 </3 No but seriously, you're missing out. I had the same views as you at first too but episode 4 and 5 is still amazing.
  • People we care about die and we have to accept their deaths. It's just life.
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