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Okay so Kenny's death made no sense what so freakin ever

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I mean seriously....:mad:

1. He hated what's up with the sudden change of heart?
2. He had 1 bullet..the goal was to end Ben's misery..
3. Yet he closes the gates and tells Lee to leave...
4. You see him put Ben out of his misery with the 1 bullet

But than what was freaking point of closing the gates and fighting the walkers? Why the hell was he sacrificing made no sense. Could he not just shoot Ben really quick and leave? What was the need to stay there and fight the walkers off while locking himself from an escape? What was the point...It was just ugh.

I'm not even disappointed that he's the way he died...sacrificing himself in a seemingly just idiotic way. For what? For who?

I mean..if it was Duck..or Katja..than yeah, i could definitely see why he would have stayed and tried to fight the walkers off. But for Ben? The kid that killed his son and wife..and ruined pretty much everything...i just don't get it.

It seemed tell tale was just clueless in that regard and just wanted to kill him off as soon as possible.
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  • I still don't think he's dead at all and will return somehow...
    I could be naive, but no body, no proof in my opinion.
  • JordyLicht;756027 said:
    I still don't think he's dead at all and will return somehow...
    I could be naive, but no body, no proof in my opinion.
    An the statistic page at the end said Kenny joined the horde.

    Never said he, that could indicate that as well.
  • Not this again... Kenny was broken. When he lost the boat, he blamed everything on Ben, and after Ben stood up for himself, he understood what the kid went through and forgave him. After Ben's fall, he lost all his hope again.

    PS: BTW, you're right, Kenny ain't dead, he just picked up Ben and they are the 2 people Clem sees at the end.
  • Well, I dunno.
    It didn't look like Ben could still walk.
  • I don't think Telltale would have thrown in dialogue between Lee and Christa about whether Lee might have survived, unless they wanted to leave his fate ambiguous. I also think the decision to have Kenny's 'death' occur off screen, was done with Season 2 in mind.

    I think Telltale was giving themselves an out in case they want to bring the character back in Season 2. Does that mean they will? Maybe. Maybe not.
  • It's simple. When the boat was stolen by Vernon, Kenny lost all hope. Even though he made the whole "suicide is wrong" speech in episode 5, he died while closing the gates because he didn't want to leave Ben. He wanted to do it for him.
  • Well, since he saved Christa in my game, I'm cool with how he went out.
  • I concur, Kenny's death for Ben didn't seem fully thought out. The death with Christa was much better, someone had to get her out and the two other guys had a bad leg and was bitten. Although people have suggested he could have held someone's legs and lowered them to help her out. (I can put it down to heat of the moment)

    For me the Christa death was more heroic and less dumb than with Ben. With the former I thought he had finally changed his ways and deep down was a hero, with the latter I assumed he had finally cracked and just gone insane. Not bad scenarios but its clear which is preferred.
  • Kenny went full retard in the Ben death scene.
  • I think he just gave up on life. If you say "Katjaa wouldn't want this, Kenny.", He replies with "Yes she would. I either save the boy or get to see her." I don't think this conflicts with his speech about suicide. He was talking about directly killing yourself, taking your own life. Also he was actively battling the walkers, so it wasn't suicide in the traditional sense. He lost his family, he lost the boat. He has no purpose anymore. The last thing he can do is spare the person he hurt the most from his biggest fear, and be reunited with his family.
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