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Would you leave Lilly if she had killed Ben?

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If, instead of Carley or Doug, Ben was killed would you leave Lilly by the road or taker her with you?
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  • Instant Karma;677909 said:
    I'd like to think not, but I have clue how I would react to that situation in general. However, I also would like to think I wouldn't have killed Ben had I been in Lily's position.
    I don't even think the Lily in the comics would have tried to kill Ben the way she tried in the video game. I think Telltale saw Lily as some villainous character where as in actual fact she was just a deceived, manipulated pawn in the Governors plan and didn't know the whole story when she opened fire on Rick's people in the comics. If Lily was truly that cold an calculating she would have tried to kill Kenny the first chance she got. What with him killing her dad in cold blood and trying to leave her at the motor inn when the bandits attacked. To me that whole sequence with Lily killing Doug/Carly seemed out of place. I think it would have been more fitting if she had killed one of them during a struggle after an argument.
  • Phoenix VII;677993 said:
    The wall was capable of buying time just as well since the bandits attacked before and failed. Had Ben told the rest of the group or at least Lee right after the bandits confronted him then the rest of the group could have decided between buying more time with the deal or preparing for further attacks, either way the group would've been able to deal with the situation much better than they did. Instead Ben went behind the group to give the bandits medicine, when he doesn't even know how important they might be to the group and lets the 4 bandits storm into the motel without the slightest warning, and if Lee and Lilly were with the rest of the group at the time then there's a good chance that Ben's stupidity would've cost the group all their lives as opposed to "only" half of them.

    And Ben didn't do what he did for the group, if you talk to him on the train he'll say that the bandits told him they had his friends and by the time he realized they were lying it was too late. The monumental stupidity that Ben demonstrated in the first part of Ep. 3 doesn't make him bad but it does make him a severe liability, and IMO, someone that no ZA group interested in survival should think twice about dumping. Death toll for Lee's group right now is, Walkers-1, St. Johns-2, and I said before, it's not just that I'm angry at Ben, the kid f-ing scares me.
    Awesome point. I completely forgot that Ben could have warned the group that the bandits were coming since he had been on look out and had the best view. It's true that his loyalties were to his friends which he thought the bandits had as opposed to Lee's group who had been feeding and looking after him for a week. What a wanker.

    I never liked Ben and never really felt he was part of the group. His mind always seemed else where even when Clem was trying to engage him. The amount of people who died or nearly died because of that one man. Kenny wouldn't of killed Larry if Ben didn't scare him about the dead coming back without being bitten, Kat and Duck wouldn't have died if he told the group the bandits were coming ahead of time, Carly/Doug wouldn't have died if he didn't keep his involvement in the stolen supplies secret, Chuck wouldn't have died if if Ben ran with Clem instead of leaving her behind, Bree wouldn't of died if Ben didn't take the axe from the door handle which also nearly caused Molly's death and Kenny would have been alive if Ben didn't beg him to stay with him so he didn't die alone when the walkers were coming. Ben was responsible for group members deaths in every episode since his arrival in episode 2.
  • YamiRaziel;678945 said:
    My post goes to both Calamitymlc and Xarne.
    Let me get this straight. You kill Lilly's dad/or let Kenny gets unpunished for doing it, you watch her get traumatized and you call her a bad egg that must be taken care of ?

    So, I go back in ep. 1 go blow Duck's head off because he could've been bitten, then as I watch Kenny lose it because of the death of his son, I declare him a bad egg and say that he must be taken care of?
    I mean... seriously?
    That's a good point. Kenny would have been just as unstable and dangerous if Duck had been kicked out of the group/killed at the drug store in ep 1 when he was believed to have been bitten. Personally I found Kenny to be more sinister at heart than any of the other characters. I say this because he would have watched Danny kill me in the stable and he would have watched me get eaten alive in the drugstore in ep 3 just because he was still upset with me a week after the meat locker incident when I tried to help Larry. By those actions i'd call Kenny a bad egg that needed to be taken care of, he was practically behaving like Shane in the tv show in my play through.
  • Xarne;679723 said:
    Ben kills 3 and is the savior of Macon for his 'on his toes thinking of thwarting the bandits'
    Lily kills 1 and is the incarnate of evil itself
    Good point.
  • Sisterofshane;680334 said:
    If it were my choice, I would have left her at the Motor Inn after the bandit attack. It was obvious to me that she was a loose cannon and that keeping her around would result in something bad.
    But you still would have had Ben with you who caused all the other deaths. Keeping Lily around would have been far less dangerous to the group than keeping Ben around. Even Christa voted Ben be left behind and she had only known him for one day, considering the scene in Crawford was the first night she had spent with the group unless it takes more than a day to get from Macon to Savannah by train.
  • ryannumber1gamer;751162 said:
    No i would have taken her with the group, But still i took her with the group when she killed Carley on my first playthrough. I left her when she killed Doug on the second playthrough but that was only because i was trying to get different endings but if i was not trying to get different endings then i would have taken her along too because while it was completely wrong what she did (and also she did something worst that Kenny because Kenny was worried about the group in Ep 2 and that's why he killed Larry while Lilly killed Carley due to anger and she kills Doug because she tried to kill Ben because he was scared and trying to keep the group safe from the bandits.) But still i didn't want to leave her for the zombies because it would be best keeping the group together and just making sure Lilly could not escape. She was still useful for the group while still dangerous but i think Kenny and Lee should have known something like this would happen because they seen that Lilly was slowly starting to go a bit on edge since Ep 2.
    I love the way Kenny fans justify Kenny's murder. Some might say his intentions were for the good of the group so he's still a stand up guy, what was his excuse when he left me to die when I was stuck under a book shelf in the drug store a week later in ep3? I wasn't a threat to the group but he refused to save me because he was still angry with me for trying to save Larry a week ago. If you try and help Larry Lee even refers to Kenny to the other characters as loosing his head and being dangerous to the group because of his gun ho attitude and him going rouge.
  • This is a great question. I would still leave Lilly behind. She has become a threat to the group by attempting to kill someone whose innocence or guilt is not determined. What if she was wrong? Stepping back with "player's knowledge" for a minute, remember Lee wouldn't know.

    Plus, Ben's utter ineptitude doesn't show itself fully until episode 4.
  • Not only would I of let her on the RV if she shot Ben I would have loaded the gun and signaled her with a wink before she shot him. All jokes aside I would have looked at Ben, shook my head and said you didn't have to kill him Lily and took the gun from her. I would have made a rule that she couldn't hold a weapon until she was in her right mind again. I wouldn't of tied her up since she would not of been a threat to anyone else. She wanted the traitor out of the group. She trusted everyone else.

    Ben was only with the group for a week how attached to him could they have really of been? I would of been closer to Lily than Ben any way. After 3 months Lily was like family, after a week Ben was still like an acquaintance, an outsider, shady, mysterious and distant. In episode 2 the plan was never for him to stay in the group anyway. He was going to stay until his friend/M.r Parker was well enough to leave with him. That was what Lily and I had discussed.

    In Carly's case it was different for me since I had lived with her for 3 months also and had been through more with her than the other adult characters in the game. When I saw her death I was furious so I left Lily behind in my first play through. Carly was my closest adult companion and she was innocent unlike Ben. I think the relationship you have with the person killed and their killer comes into play. I had no relationship with Ben so I would have been more forgivable. I was close to Carly so I wasn't so forgivable. Even Rick in the comics covered up what Tyreese did when Tyreese killed his daughter's boyfriend in anger for him killing his daughter. Rick didn't tell the other group members because of his relationship with Tyreese. Had that of been Axel, Dexter or any of the other newly added group members Rick may have acted differently. Rick comforted Tyreese in his anger, like wise I would comfort Lily in hers if she had killed Ben, but if she killed Carly it would be me that would need the comforting so on impulse of anger I would react harshly to Lily because of my bond with Carly.
  • I would have kept her with me, sure she murdered him in cold blood but she was broken and he had betrayed us. Her actions were too extreme but she was clearly not mentally sound at this point. I guess I just think we could help her become sane again, leaving her to die benefits no one. I left her after she killed Carley because she shot her simply for calling her out on her bullshit. Carley was trustworthy and hadn't done anything. If it's all it takes for her to murder someone how long before she shoots me or Kenny, even Clem?
  • I would have left her. Her actions are too crazy. Rule one. Never fuckin kill a person just cus of that. Of course it's betraying the group, but really, murder? I would talk it over, but I cant erally say cus im not in lillys situation. But i would probably hit him or something.

    Who knows, she might kill others to fix things in her opinion. So I'll still leave that piece of crap in the road. She's a threat also.

    Lilly es peligroso.
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