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What is your faverout quote from TWD?

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I am sure you can figure out what mine is.
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  • "Well you're...well, ya know...urban?"
    "You're just out for number one...and, uh, number know, yourselves."
    "Might as well put out a sign that says 'The men are gone, come and rape our women and children'"

    "Let's go, I'll cripple fight you fight here pal!"

    "I got charm comin' outta my ass!"
    "Cool your jets there Rambo."
    "This...this... evil fuck...he made me eat the meat, when he knew what it was!"
    "W-w-what the...w-what...f-fuck!"
  • ZacTB;755073 said:
    "You think you're some tough bitch, don't you? Like nothing can hurt you. But, you're just a scared little girl. Get the fuck over it. Take a page from Lee's book and try helping somebody for once."
    for me its the most emotional one
  • I have 3 favorites.

    Most Emotional:
    Clem: My parents... it's so horrible... and now you? Please.... please don't be one of them.. please don't become a walker.

    Most Funny #1:
    At Lee crossing the ladder
    Ben: I'll do it!
    Kenny: Yeah, Ben 'll do it.

    Most Funny #2:
    At the barn
    Kenny: Well y'know you're... uh... urban?
    Lee: Oh you are NOT saying what I think you're saying!

    Good ol' Kenny :D
  • *Kenny throws statue*
    "You ruined that dude's face."
  • LauriNicole;755276 said:
    *Kenny throws statue*
    "You ruined that dude's face."
    ^This :D
  • "She provides the milk"
  • Probably this one from Clementine at the end of episode five: "My parents... it's so horrible... and now you? Please... please don't be one of them... please don't become a walker." Seeing Clementine cry made this words even more emotional.
  • "......I don't know."
  • "Come on... what are you, chicken?" - Molly

    "WHAT did you call me!?!!" - Lee

    Because no one else posted :P
  • "Randy Tudor good man. Damn fine man. powerful stache one of the greats"-Lee episode 5 easter egg
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