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Who did you give food to the first time?

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Me? I gave clem and duck some cheese and crackers, carley the apple and kenny the jerky.

On my " doug version " i tried to give him some food but he refused ( doug is awsome btw, really does make up for the fact that he aint as purdy as carley ) so i gave some to clem ( she LOVES apples btw ) the apple, duck the jerky, and mark and larry the crackers ( at this point, i already knew marks fate from my " carley version " and just felt really bad for him ) and i wanted to be nice to larry also, given his fate.
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  • Clem Apple
    Duck Cheese and crackers
    Mark Jerky i think
    and Larry cheese and crackers
  • I actually gave food first to Mark, being that at the time I had no idea who he was, whether I could trust him, and that he mentioned he was hungry plenty more times than the others, so I was worried he could get too hungry and go partially insane hurting the group. I over thought that lots. Next I gave food to Carly. I wanted to make sure she stays alive since she is good with a gun, (Which is the whole reason why I saved her over Doug) but she refused. After I tried sharing with Kenny to ease some tension, but he told me to feed his boy. So I went to feeding Duck and Clem after a long decision. Finally leading me to offering food to Lily even though I don't totally like her either, (I figured if she rationed food, she must have been starving herself), she took it and still showed no sympathy towards me, but I'm glad I did for I side with her now, Kenny's selfish.
  • Crackers to Clem,Apple to Duck, Jerky to Kenny(Kenny4lyfe), and the other crackers to Ben.
  • what does clem do if you don't feed her ?

    i just can't do it to her...
  • I kept sth for myself, then gave it to Larry her daughter and Ben..
  • I gave the first piece of food to Clemetine, which I think was obvious. When you started talking to her, she told you that she is very hungry. The second piece was given to Duck and since Carley didn't want to take it, I gave the last two pieces to Larry and Lilly. I thought Larry might change his behaviour towards Lee.
  • I gave Clem the first ration. Gave the next to Duck because Kenny refused to eat first...Third to Kenny. Last was to Ben, I think. I specifically avoided Larry out of sheer dislike and Lilly because she pissed me off by leaving me with this job.

    I should note that afterward, Doug gave me a look. I facepalmed immediately. "OH SHIT, I FORGOT YOU WERE HERE!"

    XD My bad, Doug.

    Clem got an apple. Cheese and crackers for Duck and Ben. Kenny got the jerky.
  • I gave an apple to Clementine, cheese and crackers to Duck, Bacon to Kenny and then I tried to give Carley the second cheese and crackers, but she told to hold on it in case me or Clem get hungry. I wanted to do that, but I had already chosen to give it to someone else cause I didn't want to seem selfish to others. So, I decided to give it to Mark since he seemed like a guy I can trust.
  • Clementine, Duck, Larry and Kenny, I think.

    Kenny because then he'd give us a ride on his van.

    I tried giving food to Carley but she insisted others needed more.
  • Wow, old thread from July but I'll play along. I fed Clem (apple) and Duck first. Then I offered Carley some, but she insisted I hold on to it for Clem or myself. So I gave the remaining to Lilly (to not piss her off) and Mark (who was working on the fence). I don't like Larry, and felt feeding her daughter was good enough. And I suspected, like Mark, that Larry was getting enough food somehow. Kenny and Katjaa seemed to be doing nothing at the moment, so no food for them.
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