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Ep 4 Save Choices Gone in Ep5 Start

posted by Mgray84 on - last edited - Viewed by 316 users
Just finished ep 4 and wow! So excited to start ep 5 to finish however when I started it was completely different story. People that were with me at the end of ep 4 were not the people with me in start of ep 5. Is my save game gone? I'm afraid to continue and also rather upset that I have come this far with my "custom" game to lose it right at the end. Help!

Just thought about it, is there a way to restore from iCloud since the backup was from yesterday and one hasn't completed today? I know I would lose my progress from today. Just a thought. I have turned off backups for now just in case that is an option.

Another update. I closed the app in the background and when I started it back up I am missing ep 4 when the others are there. It wants me to redownload ep4. Seems like things are getting worse...
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  • Same thing happened to me... It appears to have discarded all of my choices. Even the speech I picked when talking to the guy on the radio.

    Ben is not there for some reaosn. Please fix this!
  • No ideas or responses? I would really love to finish the game on my decisions and not something randomly generated. I resolved the ep4 issue wanting to redownload by closing the app and opening it back up.
  • Sigh...very disappointed in the support here. I know its right after the holidays but thats probably when millions of people have just downloaded your game and you should want to support them right? :)
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