Are the save game issues being worked on?

I ran into quite a few game save issues with the 360 version of the game; fortunately, I was able to work through them and finish this spectacular game.

I always (minus one time) completed an entire episode in one sitting (and always just one episode at a time). After each time, I would just exit the game from the main screen.

I believe these issues are well-documented by other people and my issues are the same. But here they are anyway:

During the first three episodes when I went to play a subsequent episode, it would start me at the last save point in the previous episode--even when I clearly selected the next episode. The first time this happened (starting episode 2), I actually just played through the last section of episode 1, assuming this was normal. But it just booted me back to the main screen, as if I had never completed episode 1 previously (totally did, though). I immediately tried to play episode 2, but the same thing happened again. I then exited the game, restarted the Xbox, and it worked fine, going straight into episode 2.

The same thing happened with episode three.

With episodes 4 and 5 when I selected the game save I'd been using and then the next unplayed episode, it immediately booted up episode 1. When I went back to my save file, it said "Episode 1" on the save file (versus 4 and later 5).

With episode 4, I just exited to the main screen when episode 1 came up and exited the game and restarted the Xbox. I started the game again. Although, the save file said episode 1, I went and checked the stats for episodes 1-3, and they looked fine. I booted up episode 4, and it played fine.

After finishing episode 4, I copied the save file to each of the two remaining slots, before shutting down the game. It seemed fine.

When I went to play the next day, the same thing as episode 4 happened--it booted episode 1. The save file looked fine before booting (it said 5) and all of the stats were correct. I exited to the main menu when episode 1 booted up. The save file now said episode 1, and all of my stats for episodes 1-4 were just the stats from episode 1 (i.e., rather than the respective stats for 2-4, each episode's stats were those from 1).

I exited the game and restarted the Xbox. I tried another save file, and the same thing happened. I tried it again using the same save file without leaving the game (or resetting the Xbox), and the same thing happened.

I then exited the game, restarted the Xbox, and tried again. Before starting, I copied the third save file (a copy of the most recent save still stating episode 4) to the other save files (both stating episode 1 now). I tried the first save, and the same problem happened. Without exiting the game (to the 360 dash), I tried the 2nd save file (saying episode 4, after being copied), and the episode 5 loaded fine with all my choices intact.

The game finished and everything seemed fine.

Everything did work out in the end, but this was a huge headache. Had I lost it entirely, I would have freaked out.

I really want to recommend other friends to play this game, but I'm hesitant--at least until it's fixed. I don't want anyone to miss this incredible experience, but I don't want it to be marred by these problems.

Are there any plans to fix these issues (for the 360)? Anyone know?

If it makes any difference, I'm playing the DLC version of the game, not the disc version. I downloaded them last Friday when they were on sale.


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    Long answer: I'm sure they're concerned about it, and thus doing everything in their power to fix any issues brought up by players.

    Short answer: No.
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    The save issue was brought up as far back as Episode Two (console and PC) and the issue has persisted even to the handheld devices (iOS).

    Telltale pays lip service to caring, but making $ is much more important than actually taking effort to fix the game.

    Their weak excuse is they can't replicate the problem.

    If Telltale games really cared, they'd simply offer someone on the forums a chunk of cash for access to the affected Xbox360 and gamertag. Or for access to someone's affected PC. It's not like there's any shortage of gamers with save state issues.

    It's obvious Telltale doesn't care to actually replicate the problem, that way they can say it's not worth their time to fix.
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