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Lego Lord of the Rings - Bugs?

posted by Novelist on - last edited - Viewed by 647 users
Hello there,
I have a problem. I have had lego lotr for one day and already some trouble with it. The beginning of the game is fine, but as soon as Sauron appears the problems starts: Right after the scene of his arrival Sauron simply doesn't attack. He is just standing there laughting, not moving at all. He points at us again and again but no matter what I do, he wouldn't attack. And the game doesn't appear to have crashed. I can walk around and do what I want but the game doesn't continue. What can I do? Is that a known problem?:(
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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff
    Hi Novelist! You appear to have us (Telltale Games / TTG) mixed up with Traveller's Tales / TT Games, makers of the LEGO games. I'm not sure if they have a support forum, but their main website is here. Good luck!
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