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Do you think carley will back to life?

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do you think carley back to life ? I hope so :o
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  • No.

    She is as dead as dead can be. She was shot in the head, and her body was likely consumed shortly afterwards by the walkers that we see Lilly running from.
  • Disgusting man consumed by walkers? I hope so that shell survive but chances are slim. It would be cool though. I figure you won't die instantly and can still move after being shot. What if telltale brings her back and changed their decision on her. Nice but improbable. I keep hoping though for references and people like her

    but we have to get over it. These threads won't stop so we have to get used to them
  • People don't come back to life. Period.
  • Ygdrasel;756944 said:
    People don't come back to life. Period.
    but.... but... it's The Walking Dead D:!
  • AnnaSan;756958 said:
    but.... but... it's The Walking Dead D:!
    The Walking Dead.

    Not "The Walking Alive". :P
  • CarleyandLeeTWD;756729 said:
    Disgusting man consumed by walkers?
    I don't want to drop spoilers in case you haven't watched the television series, but in the series there is a character who is completely consumed by a zombie after dying from other causes. And by consumed, I mean there was nothing left but scraps.

    I haven't read the comics, but since the TV characters are mostly drawn from the comics, I'm guessing it plays out similarly. At any rate, it seems that within The Walking Dead universe the zombies will eat dead people who haven't renanimated, or at least freshy dead ones.

    Considering we see Lilly running from zombies after being left behind, its likely Carley's corpse became zombie chow shortly afterwards. She was an easy meal, after all.
  • I do watch the series sometimes. Depends, when I'm busy or not. But yeah, that's likely to be consumed but sheet. I don't want to imagine an ugly walker devouring a character like her D:

    Neither have I, but I agree that zombies usually eat dead people.
    I wish Lilly killed the walker near her :D (so Carley won't end up as luncheon meat)

    If that happens, excuse me while I barf violently. *barfs* Idk, its just... sick. You wouldn't want your gf or fam to get that fate.

    *Sigh* Lets just hope that nothing happens to other characters/to her.
  • She isn't coming back neither is Doug

    Even if they weren't shot in the head or some conspiracy like that they were surrounded by walkers and were seriously injured they are dead at most likely for good in all forms
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