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How have save file glitches affected your experience?

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  • Just happened to me now i was at episode 4 and now i need to start over the forst episode ! Really disapointing.
  • I was like 10 minutes away from the ending of episode 4 when my save file glitched and I had to start from episode 1 again.

    I still have confidence that they're going to solve this. But it's a shame that they're taking so long, and without a word of apologize for us who had to replay it involuntarily.
  • I voted for minor annoyance, but there should be a option between that and ruined the game, because thats where I'm at. It hasn't ruined the game because I can just redo episode 3, but it's really freaking frustrating to lose 2 or so hours of gameplay. Without any skip cutscene option, it makes the replaying a chore.
  • Nice to see a thread.

    Got home after waiting for Episode 4 to come out.
    Got my buzz on and threw on Episode 4. Only to find out, I had to start from episode 1.
    I almost lost it.
    After playing episode 1 it allowed me to go straight to 4. Still kinda ruined my night.

    Another issue that caused alot of problems was the Train issue. Everytime I left the cabin, it started to glitch. Took a good 45 minutes to finally get past it, but wow. Hope this stuff is corrected before being released. Damn! Give me the game to play, and Ill tell you whats wrong with it before releasing it.
  • Without any skip cutscene option, it makes the replaying a chore.
    Yeah, no %hit! How is this the only game that doesnt allow a skip cutscene? Agree all the way brother!
  • Same thing happened to me at end of Episode 4. Finished 4 feeling very happy about my choices.
    When 5 came out my only options were
    • Continue Episode 4, whereupon it tells me Episode 5 is still "Coming Out"
    • Select Episode 5 directly in which case it "auto chooses" my preferences for Episode 4
  • I've had issues with my saves a couple times, and someone else I know had to fix theirs too. I'd say it's a real detriment to the experience when you aren't sure if your saves are going to be safe the next time you open the game up. I'm hoping they can iron out these problems in time for season 2!
  • Had to start all over again from episode 3. So yeah, ruined it, especially because you can't skip.
  • Ruined it too.
    I was about to play EP5, and was finishing EP4 for the second time for fun with some particular decisions when all saves were lost.
    As there is still no way to generate manually the choices initially made, except redoing all the game, I still haven't played the EP5 and I'm hesitating to keep on playing... I hope that somewhere somebody could hear us, and built a smart solution, even just to simulate the choices (not random anyway).
    Of course, if the story keeps on for an other season, we could only hope that these unacceptable bugs will be fixed.
  • The download version on the Xbox ran for me with zero issues. I bought the disc version for a family member and it is completely unplayable on both his and my 4gb Xbox.
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