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Which Kenny death was "better?"

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Among the Kenny death scenarios in TWD Episode 5... Which one did you prefer?

I preferred the Ben scenario but since I encountered that first, my judgment may be clouded. Also curious if your fav scenario was on your first playthrough or a subsequent one.
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  • christa scene. much more tense. I was feeling really pressured to help her out. Ben scene is less thrilling.
  • Christa scene. He gives his own life while saving another.
  • I somehow feel that he's not dead. Maybe bitten but...there's something telling me he's alive...
  • It's tough, i have to say Ben's.
    Choosing "Hell no" when Kenny tells you to leave gives you the most exciting "death" for him I think. You're stuck clicking on the gates yelling for Kenny while he looks badass fighting off the walkers.
    The music in both are amazing and make me choke up thinking about Ken going out.
  • Ben scene, there was much more action.
    The music was better in the Ben scene too.
  • The Ben scene because it showss you that Kenny forgave the kid and tried to save him. I think that it did make sense since when you tell him that Kat wouldn't want him to do that he says something like "I either save the kid or be with her", as it shows he still had some hope.
  • Christa's made more sense and he actually saved her life (but did kind of knock the wallow talkie down) while Ben's was more badass and highlighted how Kenny changes his mind about Ben. I would have to go with Christa's.
  • I prefer it with Ben, it has much more meaning to it.
  • I always thought Kenny would die for Ben in the end so I think it is fitting that Ben finally confronts and makes Kenny forgive Ben before he died and then sacrafices himself as the final apology
  • The Ben scene made no sense at all. He had plenty of time to take care of Ben and go back with Lee. So I will say the Christa scene was better.
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