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Who will you pick to survive with you?

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Idk if there is a thread like this, but there probably is (but old?)


If you could pick 2 survivors you could hold out with, who will you pick and why?
As simple as that.

I'd pick Carley and Mark.

Mark held out for a long time, and he's good with a rifle and is smart. He's also good in gathering stuff in my opinion, and you could trust him.

Carley because she's a good shot and has a good personality, very truthful/trustworthy and with her knowledge (you know she was a reporter in war zones so she's also smart and alert) what else is she's nice,both character and looks.

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  • I would take Kenny and Clementine as these two are the only people who I actually cared about, both are very loyal and both now how to handle themselves, even Clementine has a decent shot and is quite bright for a little girl.
  • I would pick Brie and Shawn.
  • Mark and Chuck.

    Bro-Team, and both of them are reliable.
  • Shocked someone would actually take Ben. lol

    If we are talking about ALIVE people only: Clementine and Molly

    Or if dead is allowed? Clementine and Carly
  • Molly and Doug. I(Lee) am a good shot and have my own morals. Molly is pretty fast and flexible, she has scavenging experience and can kill walkers easily. With the help of Doug we can secure a safe place with an alarm system.
  • Kenny and Carley/Doug. I might even pick
  • CarleyandLeeTWD;757012 said:
    (Notice: You are already Lee :D, so Lee is not a choice)
    Anyway i would Choose Lee. Why? Because i don't think i could do some decision in real like my Lee... So i would choose Lee and Kenny
  • Ben and Mark.
    Ben because he TRIES, and that's more of a good trait than certain others do (coughLARRYcough).
    Mark because he seems mature, down-to-earth and resourceful.

    If Andy St. John wasn't such a freaking maniac, I'd probably pick him too.
  • Ygdrasel;756957 said:
    The folks at the dairy. If it ever really came to an apocalyptic survival scenario, I'm a pragmatist. Whatever it takes is what will be done.

    One would have to check the bodies very thoroughly, however, before eating...If they consume a bite victim, they won't last long. Assuming the extra dose of the virus would act similarly to a bite, accelerating death and turning...
    Well, I wouldn't freakin' like to be stuck in a room with YOU in a zombie apocalypse.

    Seriously, be ashamed! You're like Crawford personified! "Whatever it takes is what will be done".

    To be honest, I wouldn't mind a zombie apocalypse, I'd go to town on those corpses. But if there are gonna be cannibals... NOPENOPENOPENOPENOPE.
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