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Yep. My save reset.

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I was really looking forward to playing the rest of episode 3 but then suddenly

it started from episode 1.

Any uh, ways to get my save back or is it a lost cause?
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  • Same thing for me I was almost at the end of episode 4 and it started back to episode 1 after my session of yerterday !
  • Same problem as two above.

    I can start on Episode 4 but it still starts me at the beginning. I was hours into the episode.

    Before this, it sent me straight to episode 1. I noticed my stats for the episodes I finished were still there.

    This is a downloaded version. Please fix. I do NOT want to play through most of Episode 4 again and I am afraid I will encounter the same issue.
  • Same. About to start up Chapter 4, then all of a sudden the save dies. I used the "Copy Save 1 to Save 3" thing to try to salvage, but all the choices were seemingly random. I'm now debating whether or not to replay it. Think I'll flip a coin.

    Sucks, too. Telltale has some damn good (and I mean DAMN good, no form of media has made me feel this level of emotion in a while) writers and artists that don't deserve to have their works screwed over by the programmers.
  • I had the same problem as the OP. I was nearly done with episode 3, quit before the end and it forced me to restart from episode 1. I just skipped over to episode 3 and it seemed most of the choices I made were still in tact, so I started playing episode 3 again, got about 30% finished, quit after a save and when I booted back up...... Yep, save deletes again.

    Wildly frustrating. Common Tell Tale!
  • goose84;753360 said:
    This just happened to me, at the near of the end of Episode 3. I had quit late last night (hey, I was loving this game and couldn't put it down) and went to start up and finish what little I had left this morning, and it suddenly starts at the beginning of Episode 1 as soon as I load my file.

    When I went back to the menu, my save then said Episode 1. Grr. But... it seems to have saved all of my choices when I go to load the beginning of 3 again. I'm pretty upset that I have to play through the entire episode again, but at least I don't have to play through the entire game to get back to where I was with my choices.

    I'm not using the disc-based version, by the way. I bought the entire series when it went on sale after loving the first episode. Now I'm really let down.
    This is EXACTLY what happened to me.
  • This is exactly what happened to me this morning. I finished episode 3 last night, went to start episode 4.. and it started episode 1 and seemingly has overwritten my save file.

    It doesn't even look like I can start episode 4 with random choices: despite me having episodes 1-5, my only option seems to be episode 1 from the beginning.

    I know it was cheap in the XBL sale, but it's more the fact that I've evidently wasted so much time on the game. Am I seriously supposed to start from scratch and hope for the best?
  • OK, out of nowhere I seem to have my savegame back. Here's how it happened:

    I went into a new gamesave slot and it asked which episode I wanted to play. It asked if I wanted random decisions for all the missed chapters and I balked and backed out. I went into my original slot, which said "episode 1", and it asked me which chapter I wanted to start. (It hadn't asked that before). Anyway, I went to episode 4 and lo and behold my game started where I'd left it.

    I'll play for a few minutes and then make at least one copy of my savefile, but anyway just wanted to say that I got my game back.
  • I tried that and it didn't work. But then again, after it started me on episode 1 (I was a good ways through episode 4) I went and selected episode 4 and now my save says Episode 4 instead of 1. Still starts me at the beginning of episode 4 though.

    That might work if the save says episode 1 though, so thanks for posting a possible solution. Hope others can get it to work.
  • No worries, hope you don't have any more problems with it.
  • my save file reset after i play episode 4, got a ways into it, stoped playing for the night and then the next day when i loaded it back up it loaded episode 1 and erased my save file. This is after i had to wait for a patch to come on xbox live to fix my freezing game ending glitch on episode 3 where u couldnt start the train. Now they fix that and instantly i cant play again and lost my file. I dont want to play it over again. i dont wanna play anymore period. I want a refund. This isnt right. A refund should be issued to people who lost thier save files or that had to go through multiple game stoping glitchs. Id like an email response concerning this issue.

    An ex-customer who will never buy anything u make again.
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