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You in TWD

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Sometimes i like to think of comics as alternate realities like Dc/Marvel has the mutli-verse. The Walking Dead is no exception i like to think that since its an alternate universe that i exist somewhere. I just wonder where.

But where do you think you would be? Would you be in a group surviving or will you walk among the dead?
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  • I'm an optimist so I wouldn't really want to think about becoming a walker xD

    I think I would be in a group surviving, a small group, hopefully with a good leader(probably Comic Rick) and adults with some military experience or any experience that can help with survival.
  • Dead dead dead deady dead deadster deadness.
  • distortion;757636 said:
    Dead dead dead deady dead deadster deadness.
    you have no hope for yourself.
    Me since the outbreak started in the summer i would be down south near Georgia so maybe i'll be alive
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    I'm in the military, own weapons (no guns but I know people who do own them, and I know my way with a knife decently), and I have some experience in the past with free-running. So I think I'd have a decent shot. I think it's more an issue of being caught off guard. Caught off guard, I'd be fucked most likely. Like, if I'm sitting here typing, and some crazy zed comes sprinting through the joined bathroom in the barracks where I am, I'd probably just freak out, hope I get lucky punching and kicking them en route to getting my knife, then get it. After that, I have a good shot. If I have early warning, same thing. But making it past that bit would be...sketchy.
  • I'm in the giant russian forest, near countryside. Guns are forbidden for the civillian population in Russia, but I have a professional sports bow, arrows, and a combat knife. Now I shoot well. I know how to make arrows, the best arrows are obtained from the walnut tree, feathers must to be big as a chicken feathers for example. I and two more survivors, hunting, picking mushrooms and berries, and sometimes robbing a shop in the village
  • KingOfTheDead;757639 said:
    you have no hope for yourself.
    Me since the outbreak started in the summer i would be down south near Georgia so maybe i'll be alive
    With good reason. I live in a highly populated area and my best weapons are a baseball bat and a two inch switchblade knife. And I don't know a single person who owns a gun.
  • Although I'd like to think otherwise, I'd probably die. I can actually shoot decently (don't know how I'd do against walking targets, I'd probably suck) but I don't know a single person that actually owns a firearm. I don't really have any weapons nor would I be capable of using a weapon with any kind of efficiency outside a gun.
  • There's only two options for me:

    - Or I would be really late in noticing the zombies, seeing I'll be sitting on my couch stoned, with my curtains closed. It'll be a Rick Grimes kinda moment where I'll go outside and think: WTF? ... or maybe rather Shaun of the Dead style.

    - Or I'll be dead meat within seconds. I'm a fat guy so I don't run all that fast...
  • I would get all my friends together and smash some heads in with brute strenght. I wouldn't be running around with my .22 and hatchet alone (Because that will end up in getting mugged by a group of looters), but if I get some assistance, I will be.
  • I have a plan. Go up to my old flat up a staircase with 2 exits. 3 Apartments to survive in next to town centre. Im good
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