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Who did you give food to the first time?

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Me? I gave clem and duck some cheese and crackers, carley the apple and kenny the jerky.

On my " doug version " i tried to give him some food but he refused ( doug is awsome btw, really does make up for the fact that he aint as purdy as carley ) so i gave some to clem ( she LOVES apples btw ) the apple, duck the jerky, and mark and larry the crackers ( at this point, i already knew marks fate from my " carley version " and just felt really bad for him ) and i wanted to be nice to larry also, given his fate.
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  • I fed the kids because I have a soft spot for them. :o
    I gave clementine the crackers and duck the jerky.
    I think I then gave one to kenny and one to mark, I didn't like larry so I gave him none. ;)

    Tried to feed Doug but he declined..
  • Gave Mark the apple because he mentioned that he was feeling weak already.
    Gave Lilly the jerky because she needed it to be alert on watch.
    Gave crackers and cheese to Larry so he could get the fuck off my back.
    Gave crackers and cheese to Ben as a sort of welcome into the group.

    Yeah... sorry, Clemmy.
  • In first time:
    Gave to Clementine - of course she's meaning of Lee's life. ( crackers)
    Gave to Duck - He's child ( jerk)
    Gave to Ben - really don't know why ( apple)
    Left food to myself - because I thought that it matter. ( crackers)

    P.S. I think that giving half-apple to Clem - it's wrong deside. It doesn't matter that she love apples. Half-apple is really little, apples are low-calorie. Apples may not satisfy hunger.
  • Playing the game for the first time. Gave the food to: Clem, Duck, Mark, tried giving to Carley but she refused, so I gave instead to Larry.
  • Clem the apple, Duck some crackers and cheese, Mark some Jerky and after Carly didnt accept it gave Larry some Jerky
  • Gave crackers to Clemmy and Duck, jerky to Kenny and apple to Mark
  • I fed Clem, Duck, Kenny, and Lilly on my first playthrough. I tried feeding Carley but I didn't know she only accepted the slice of apple (which I gave to Clem).

    On my most recent playthrough I fed Clem, Duck, Carley, and Kenny. Lilly accused me of choosing favorites and I about blew up in a rage of fit, LOL.
  • In all of my other playthroughs, I gave food to Mark, Clementine, Duck and Ben.

    But in my most recent one;

    Apple : I gave the apple to Clementine, because with how I played Lee, he would never let the kids starve -- they would be his first priority. Adults are stronger and more developed, and would be able to last longer without food than children.

    Cheese & Crackers : I gave the first Cheese & Crackers to Duck, for the same reason as above and also because Kenny wouldn't eat if I didn't give food to Duck first.

    Cheese & Crackers : I gave the second Cheese & Crackers to Lily, who had to be alert on watch. And the way I saw it, she was one of the "leading adults", so she had to keep her strength up.

    Jerky : I gave the Jerky to Kenny, because like Lily, I saw him as one of the "leading adults" and someone who had to keep his strength up to help out.

    I felt horrible about not feeding Mark, Ben and Larry, though. It was a difficult choice. And no, I didn't like Larry that much, but Mark was complaining that he was grumpy (I think this was only if you told Mark that 'he's just looking out for his daughter' when he asked what Larry's problem with Lee was) and once he told Larry that, Larry sighed and said, "Ah, I just need something to eat. Going days without food would make anyone cranky" and then turns and offers to help Mark with the wall. That was the first glimpse I got of Larry's "human" side, and I thought it was really sweet of him (considering what he's normally like).

  • Clementine - apple,
    Duck - crackers and cheese,
    Mark - crackers and cheese,
    Myself (wanted to share it with Clem later) - jerky


    Clem - apple,
    Duck - crackers and cheese,
    Larry - jerky,
    Lilly - crackers and cheese

  • Don't know which food i gave but i gave Duck and Clem then Mark and then Ben.

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