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Rank the five episodes of this game from best to worst.

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I can't opine yet since I've only gotten past Episode 1. But I think it's quite a game so far :) For those who have played the whole thing through, how would you rank the five episodes?

Episode 1 - "A New Day"
Episode 2 - "Starved for Help"
Episode 3 - "Long Road Ahead"
Episode 4 - "Around Every Corner"
Episode 5 - "No Time Left"

Post your rankings from best to worst. Thanks!

EDIT (01.09.2013): Current standing from all posts if we put scores to from best 5 pts to worst 1pt

Episode 5 - "No Time Left" = 115 pts.
Episode 2 - "Starved for Help" = 106 pts.
Episode 4 - "Around Every Corner" = 97 pts.
Episode 3 - "Long Road Ahead" = 68 pts.
Episode 1 - "A New Day" = 64 pts.
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  • 5>4>2>3>1.

    Episode 1 was pretty meh to me because a lot of it was learning how to play.
  • 2>4>5>1>3

    I loved two and all the surprises just kept me into it. 4 was awesome with the chances of hope just all suddenly getting shattered and drama, 5 due to the action and emotional scenes, 1 was well thought out but the lack of direction sometimes stumped players and the constant drugstore going through to open a DOOR on hinges kinda seemed... idk tedious. Same goes for 3, some of favorite characters died (Carley and Katjaa) and everything just kinda fell apart. The group became so small and it all seems to be on Ben's head when other people such as Lilly stopping the supply trade instead of acting like nothing happened and sneak out, shooting Carley/Doug with no evidence, and not wanting to leave the RV even though they knew they were on constant watch. The train part was repetitive and annoying, and Charle's part wasn't well thought-out. One man in an abandoned train seemingly once surrounded by walkers (blood stains, car wrecks, etc) it made little sense how he managed to survive. His character wasn't far-developed, and right when you start to like him, he was killed off (again Ben -_-). for me ep 3 wasn't as good as the others. Felt rushed when I wanted time, and had time when it wasn't necessary. But still an awesome season by telltales and can't wait for another
  • 2 > 3 > 4 = 5 > 1

    1 was great, just not as emotional as the rest.
  • 5>4>3,2>1 my opinion.Episode 2 and 3 share the same place. :)
  • 5>3>4>1>2

    I do believe that the reason I ranked Episode 1 and 2 so low was that I already watched someone else play it before buying the season pass and playing it for myself. I already knew what was gonna happen the first 2 episodes, but the 3 remaining episodes were brand new experiences.

    "Oh... This is when they find Mark..." :(

    So pretty much Episodes 1 and 2 didn't stand out as much to me in the end.
  • 4 > 5 > 3 > 2 > 1
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