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The Walking Dead should be in Australia now!

posted by MegaGamer1006 on - last edited - Viewed by 241 users
Please Telltale read this...

The Walking Dead isn't available in Australia because of the rating system. Australia just allowed R18+ games to be released now in Australia (which is pretty much 'mature' rating in America). Now that this is a reality could you please give the game to the classification place and get this game sold to fellow Australians as I know many people want this game. It would be very much appreciated!

P.S. I know about Steam, but I (and many others) want it on consoles.
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  • Just make a UK/US account for your 360/PS3 and buy it through it instead then.

    As for paying for the codes:
    UK -
    US -

    Or eBay to pay via PayPal.

    I've bought content from US Xbox LIVE Marketplace and I'm in UK, so there's no restrictions, unless for the Video/Music marketplace which is required to be bought with a US IP only (asking someone trustworthy will get the content bought nonetheless).

    Edit: There's the disc version (PS3: Region Free / 360: Region Locked US), which you may want to consider if you want.
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