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About the antagonists

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The game was full of people struggling to survive in this horrible world by doing even more horrible deeds, but some of them marked me in a way no other villain did before, so I decided to ask which antogonist(s) had the biggest impact on you guys.
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  • I guess the stranger. He took Clem from us and killed our friends after manipulating an 8year old and going all the way to Savannagh because another group tried to survive.
    Hes just evil.
    Kenny on the other hand just annoys me in the way his head works like 'you didnt help me murder Larry... you betrayed Duck and Kat'
  • If the stranger hadn't kidnapped Clem, Lee and the others would've stood a chance against the Invalids and Kenny/Ben wouldn't have died and Clem would be with Christa and Omid.
  • I don't care if their make-a-wish was a fucking boat ride...
  • The stranger was the one antagonist that indirectly caused Lee's, Kenny's and Ben's deaths, but I really liked the Save-Lot bandits as antagonists.

    They were aggressive, and they seemed to stop at nothing to get what they wanted. Kind of reminded me about the Saviors.
  • I liked the St. Johns. They lead you to believe that the bandits are a problem you and them should be united against, all the while they were scheming to kill all of you. And the way you deal with each one, one at a time, just added more awesomeness to it. I also said them because the dairy is where my Lee became more pragmatic towards survival when he realized exactly how fucked up everything was.
  • I think the St. Johns changed and had the most impact on my Lee. Everything they did caused a major rift in the group as a whole.

    They killed Mark, locked us in a meat locker that caused the death of Larry, and the major split in the group depending on if you chose Kenny or Lilly (which results in Lilly breaking down and a further destruction of the group). Plus the fact that that was the first time my Lee took a life in the apocalypse. Killing Danny and seeing Clementine react to it was a very powerful moment for the game.

    Plus the whole creep factor for the entire of Episode 2, culminating in that epic part in the rain. Gives me chills thinking back on it.
  • Aside from the Save-Lot Bandits and, arguably, Crawford, only Danny St. John was really evil. The Stranger had the biggest impact on me though, he was the main antagonist of season one.
  • The stranger.

    All the other antagonists were simply trying to survive in their own way. The stranger, though... he made things personal. Bandits stole from the group, the St. Johns killed a member, and walkers are walkers. None of them did it because they had something against us. It was just their way of dealing with the situation. If we left, they didn't pursue.

    No. The stranger was the last thing the zombie apocalypse needed. He couldn't keep an eye on his son while they were hunting (why let an untrained boy out of your sights when the dead won't hesitate to eat him?). He didn't consider the possibility of other survivors being desperate enough to steal his stuff if left unguarded. He cannot cope with loss (keeping his wife's zombie head in a bowling bag). He cannot accept that life sometimes throws choices at people with no right answer, only answers that are easier to live with the aftermath.

    Worst of all, he is a massive hipocrite. He holds Lee accountable for putting Clementine in danger and exposing her to horrors of the new world, when he did exactly that as well. Manipulating a nine-year old child, locking her in a small room, bringing her to an area surrounded by walkers to be used as live bait? That's lower than a legless sewer zombie.

    I don't know if the stranger really knows how to be a good father. It takes a lot more than knowing a child's birthday to claim that. Even if he is, so what? Clementine needs more than a father figure. She needs someone who can teach her to fend for herself in this harsh new reality she's in. I know for a fact that Lee never lost Clem during any of their survival lessons. Guess that means Lee wins that round as well.

    So yeah... I hate the stranger. So happy to watch him get knifed by a child he underestimates, choked to death and left to be a walker in a small room until his brain deteriorates into pudding.
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    The stranger. link

    The bandits more blackmailed us than stole from us, and I'd argue that they weren't simply just trying to survive. Look at what they did to Jolene and her daughter. That wasn't survival-it was just cruelty. Also, they DO pursue you actively, only stopping once you've killed them all. Same with the Walkers.

    As for the Stranger, how much can you really criticize him for what happened to Adam? We don't even know the full story, and it's not like we've never let Clem out of our sights. Heck, she probably wouldn't have been kidnapped if we'd damaged the walkie-talkie in some way. He's being a hypocrite, yes, but at that point, he's already completely unstable.

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