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Episode 3- Only 42% left Lilly behind?

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After she shoots Carly in the face? Really? What possible reason would people have for keeping her? I had been looking for a way to get rid of her since the drugstore.
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  • It is a bit different if you save Doug as she tries to kill Ben and Doug plays the hero

    I couldn't trust or like anyone and even though Doug was my favourite characters there was no reason to leave her behind and let Kenny live

    Lilly was right about the traitor and flipped

    I still blame Doug for sacrificing himself ad we should have guessed Lilly was going to snap
  • Devlonir;747758 said:
    This was it for me. I played the diplomat through most of episodes 1 and 2 and even then I did the same. I helped her out a lot in trying to keep things calm and keep everyone's head on straight, especially Kenny's if you don't agree with him (funnily, he still went with me at end of Ep 4).
    And for her to then ruin everything and kill a group member in cold blood like that.. she was dead to me from that moment. I could not see her as a part of the group anymore after that. She became a threat to it.

    And my Lee ensures threats are dealth with.
    Hehe. Me too. I'm pretty sure every boy or player or majority said: "What THE FU*K when she shot Carley. I left her. What else is she said she was trying to protect us by killing her o.0 When she wasn't a threat? I wish there was a scene like Lee paying his last respects like a hug or whatever. She deserves it.

    I was gonna let her in the RV but you don't let a killer have a second chance. If he/she kills your best friend/girl you could trust, she can do more. Idk. but i still considered it but in the end i left her. i dont like the scene where we just leave carleys body on the road. I mean wtf man?
  • I agonized for a bit, but then decided that she had crossed a line. There was no reason at all to shoot Carley. She couldn't even face the person she was about to murder. Waiting until everyone turns around and then shooting her in the back? In the end I'm glad I left her, though I did feel remorse at the time. It was only a matter of time before she got her hands on another gun and decided she finally had it with Kenny... or even Lee, depending on your choices...
  • She always had the group's best intentions in mind, in my opinion. She was a friend and I don't betray friends, even when they're wrong. That was more than enough reason for me to let her stay. Not to mention that everybody knew what she'd been through the last week and yet, nobody cared. Especially Kenny.
    She was the only one to find there was a traitor and she was right. Why on earth would I abondon such a person. Even if she wasn't a friend, she was like one of the most valuable people in our group. I would've ran away with her if the game allowed me to.
  • I always try to play in character. So, I left Lilly out of pure vengeance. While I do feel Lilly has become a threat to the group, at the moment, that didn't even matter. I can't let the person who harmed the person Lee was closest to besides Clem without punishment.
  • I brought her with me hoping I could yell at her later.
  • Running away with her is fine. Just don't let her near a gun and everything should be ok.
  • Well I chose Doug over Carley. And as Doug got shot by accident (saving Ben) I took Lilly with me in hope of rehabilitate her in some way. In addition you see clearly that Lilly overreacted with the shooting (after Larrys death she was kind of unstable anyway).

    After all I thought she was a good group leader.
  • While I felt sorry Lilly after what I (and/or Kenny) had done to her, and while I wasn't romantically attached to either Carely or Doug,I always left her behind in every playthrough I've made. Why? Well, its like Doug said before he got shot: "This isn't any way to treat one of us."

    After spending more three months in the Motor Inn with these people I felt like we were a family. To me, Lilly killing one of our own was like murdering her own brother or sister. I can forgive a lot of sins, but can't trust somebody who would murder their own family in cold-blood.
  • YamiRaziel;756963 said:
    She was the only one to find there was a traitor and she was right. Why on earth would I abondon such a person. Even if she wasn't a friend, she was like one of the most valuable people in our group. I would've ran away with her if the game allowed me to.
    Yet.. in a way, her insisting on finding this out led to Lee taking away the supplies that Ben left for the bandits. Which led to the bandits taking half the group hostage and the entire situation after that.

    So, in that sense, Lilly was responsible for the loss of the Motor Inn as a place to stay (who knows how long they could have held out with sharing supplies) as well as Duck being bitten (and all deaths resulting out of that) as well as killing Carley/Doug afterwards.

    She may have had good intentions, but her way of doing things and her instability caused a lot of issues. If she was more a friendly, trusting leader, instead of the screaming b*tch she is, then Ben would have not felt the need to keep the deal with the Bandits hidden and would have probably gone to her when the bandits came with their info of keeping some of his friends hostage. And a real solution would have happened.

    Her behaviour meant the group missed trust and cohesion, which caused a lot of problems. If you played friendly Lee you would later be able to create those same things with the last survivors which could cause them all to help you willingly in finding Clementine. Your inspirational leadership is what made Kenny eventually willing to give up his life to save a group member from a horrible death.
    Under a Lilly run group, that would have never happened.

    She was a bad leader because she lacked the strength in character to create a cohesive group. And she never had my trust because of that. If you can't even get a small group of survivors to work together in a productive and friendly way, which eventually leads to one feeling the need to keep a huge secret from the group. Than you failed as a leader.
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