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TWD Complete season crash on Ipad3

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I played TWD ep 1 without any problem on my iOS 5 iPad 3. I then bought the complete season pack, and the application now crashes back to ios home just after displaying the initial splash screen (there is a brief black screen between the two). I have tried closing all apps, rebooting, uninstalling/reinstalling (probably losing my savegame in the process), upgrading to iOS 6.0.1 (definitely losing google maps in the process), and any combination of any of the above. Result is still the same, crash...
Any help ?
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  • I can understand that there is no straight away fix, but it's been a month since I posted on this forum and I was not even dignified with an answer.... I understand that many people have issues, and I do not want to ask for a refund, but at least a reply would be nice to indicate 1) if it is an issue that has been diagnosed (is it happening to ALL iPad 3 ?) and 2) if a fix is underway
    I just read that Season 2 was under development, but getting season 1 to work for people who paid for it would be a reasonable way to spend development time.
  • I'm having the exact problem. I purchased episodes 2-5 on my ipad over the weekend and since then the game wont even load up.

    I've been charged for the episodes too! Which I've not even downloaded yet.

    I have the game on the PS3, and love it, but bought this so my girlfriend could play it.

    Please fix this, or I'll be asking for my money back.
  • You should email [email][/email]

    Their customer support has noted numerous times that they are not staffed properly to check this forum and answer issues here. This forum is more of a "community help" area than it is a formal way to get support from Telltalegames.

    I don't know why their [support] link on their site points to this forum instead of an actual help link... but you'll soon learn that TTG has one of the worst customer service departments imaginable.
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