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Those that sided with Kenny in the meat locker..

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..because Larry was probably dead and he would've turned. Would you have done the same if it was Carley/Doug lying there? Or Kenny/Katjaa? Lilly? Or even worse.. Clem?

Just wondering if an apparent disike for Larry influenced that decision.
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  • I helped Kenny do it, but my hatred for Larry was never a factor. I actually didn't think he was a bad guy at all; he was a stand up man who did what he had to protect his daughter during the worst course of events to ever befall the world. Yeah he was an asshole to Lee and everyone else around him, but I honestly can't blame him given the circumstances and all that he lost. All the characters are starting to display the characteristics that they hated Larry for because they are finally walking the journey he's lived his whole life.

    Anyway, I choose to help Kenny because I was thinking about what would happen to Clem if he honestly came back. Was he dead? The game purposely makes it ambiguous so the end decision stays with you, but he wasn't breathing and Clem was with everyone, so I felt it was a chance Lee simply could not afford. Had it been Carly or anyone else aside from Clem, yes I would've still have done it for the same reason. Had it been Clem, I would try to save her because she's the basis of Lee's character; protecting her and a child is more worth it.

    If worse comes to worse, it would not be nearly as bad as having a 6 foot four pile-driver like Larry come back as a walker. In the end, I felt bad that Larry had to die and Lilly lost her father, but I don't regret my choice overall.
  • I kinda regret Killing Larry 100% of the time, hey he was dead, y'know? The players never knew, off-screen I helped Lilly do CPR, he didn't have ANY pulse whatsoever. So I decided "Fuck, I dont wanna do this, but hes dead. Kthxbai Larry, *salt lick*"
  • I tried to help Lilly save Larry (I had a feeling he was alive), and I'd do the same for anyone else in the group.
  • We could have killed him as a zombie, I think. Should have let him eat Lilly and then crushed his head while he was chewing at her guts.
  • Demopan;752999 said:
    We could have killed him as a zombie, I think. Should have let him eat Lilly and then crushed his head while he was chewing at her guts.
    ahahaha best solution! kill 2 birds with one stone ;)
  • Nope.

    Simple, Larry's 300 effing pounds, and assuming Lilly's inability to help, that leaves just an unarmed Lee and Kenny against him should he turn. Even with survival, there's still the issue of escaping the room and dealing with the St. Johns. I can't have another problem added to that, especially a problem so difficult to solve if not pre-emptively.

    That's genuinely what it came down to.
  • Sisterofshane;640109 said:

    As to the OP, I never wanted to kill Larry. It was a multitude of reasons for why I let Kenny drop the salt lick on him. We were in a small, enclosed space, without any sort of weapons that would be able to stop a moving walker. Lilly was in a fragile emotional state, and if her father had turned, I didn't think I could rely upon her 100 percent to help us get rid of it. Kenny had made a point earlier that he was so weak from hunger that he nearly passed out on the walk over to the farm (I assumed Lee and Lilly to be in nearly the same state). Larry was physically bigger and stronger in real life. Had any of these things been different (say that Larry was a small guy, or that we weren't locked in a small space), I wouldn't have gone through with it.

    Exactly! Larry was dead. Even if he did "comeback to life", he wouldn't be physically stable enough to face whatever was outside. As mark said, "He is all muscle, that man is like a human pile driver"
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    Exempting the reality that it's highly unlikely any of them would have had a heart attack - yes, for some of them. All of them besides Clem would bear initial consideration due to their size. Larry, being especially large, didn't even merit a discussion.

    But seriously. The others wouldn't have had a heart attack. If someone like Doug, Carley, or Kenny (all of whom I adore) fell off a three story building, were unconscious, and appeared to have stopped breathing, and had no pulse, and it seemed like I couldn't bring them back, I'd smash their face in like anyone else.

    I actually liked Larry. I understand his motives, even if he is a total dick.
  • I side with Kenny now because I know he's going to die.
  • Someone mentioned in another thread that they asked their mother(who's a retired nurse) about the situation, and she said that depending on the type of heart condition, it was in fact possible to revive him.

    Larry was not entirely dead. It's not just his breath he takes before Kenny smashes his head in, it's his appearance. The poor bastard at the motor turned extremely quickly and already his physical appearance was vastly different than when he was alive. Not only would Larry likely have turned before Kenny was finished talking if he were dead, but he would had obviously looked like a walker.

    Kenny's idea was good, but he went about it incorrectly. Three adults against one walker, when Lee(one single adult) can decently handle one walker(who is not TOO much weaker or smaller than Larry) is not implausible. The salt licks are an effective weapon should he have turned, but were used prematurely.
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