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Select Only Four Characters

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If you could only select four characters for surviving
who would you choose?

My Opinion:Lee,Clementine,Carley,and Omid.

Lee-Well,he is awesome!
Clementine-She got to survive because she deserves it.
Carley-Cause she is so cool and she is in love with lee.
Omid-He is so cool.
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  • 1. Lee
    2. Clementine
    3. Kenny
    4. Carley or Christa or Omid ... I CANNOT CHOOSE! ;_;
  • Lee, Clem, Carley and Kenny were my favorites throughout. Not really a hard choice for me. Honorable mention for Molly but she should have stuck around.
  • Lee, Carley, Christa, and Omid.
    Sorry Clem, but she got on my nerves sometimes... that's a kid for ya. :)
    This would be with no Lee or Clem.
    1) Lilly - Good leadership skills.
    2) Kenny - OK decisions, worse than Lilly's at times, but will stick by me if I have his back. Which I will. :D
    3) Molly - Good at CQC, knows how to handle herself, and I'm guessing from what she's been doing, could get supplies for the group very easily.
    4) Doug - If we gave him a chance to find enough tools, he could easily make traps for food, traps for humans (like the bell) and much more to help.

    No Lee or Clem because 99.99999999999999999% will have them. :P
  • 1. Clem
    2. Lee
    3. Ken
    4. Omid

    (4 might also be Chuck... or Christa)
  • 1. Molly
    2. Carley
    3. Omid
    4. Christa.

    Sorry Lee and Clem. You really aren't very good at surviving.
  • 1. Lee
    2. Omid
    3. Christa
    4. Chuck

    Had to choose Lee, you can't take Omid without him being somewhat depressed if Christa was dead, and Chuck.

    No further explanation needed :D
  • Carley

    Women and children first! (Lilly's too crazy and I don't think Kat has the steel for a ZA)
  • anonymau5;758429 said:
    Sorry Lee and Clem. You really aren't very good at surviving.
    Totally agree with you xD

    From the game:
    Molly- hardcore parkour.
    Carley- good at shooting.
    Charles- because he's wise as hell.
    Mark- because he gets along with people, also has military experience.

    From the whole TWD universe:
    Rick Grimes(Comic)- he's a great leader, and was able to live for a year now.
    Michonne- samurai, and silent killing.
    Tyreese- because he's buff and muscular.
    Andrea- good shot.
  • AnnaSan;758522 said:
    Molly- hardcore parkour.
    Tyreese- because he's buff and muscular.
    Tosh.0 reference. You only choose Tyreese because hes black :D
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