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Walking Dead on Xbox

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I have been a fan of The Walking Dead or months and everytime I would go to Gamestop they would be sold out of walking dead for xbox 360. Praise Jesus tonight they had one left, I got home, opened the game popped it in and from the minute the main menu started.....LAG! it's a huge pain in the's impossible to play in this condition, screens freeze and load five seconds later and then BAM dead.

Anyone else experience this?
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  • yes me too with the slim and the lag. It sucks but apparently that's whats up with the disc and some/alot of consoles
  • So I more or less wasted my money.
  • wilcoerwin;757580 said:
    So I more or less wasted my money.
    yep that is both the long and short of it. especially if you have no way to download updates for it from windows live (though that only helps some of the issues I have heard)
  • I play it on my Xbox 360 Slim 250 GB and I've got no problems whatsoever, so it's strange to see that there's people who have issues with it. :-|
  • Lots of others have experienced this:

    Also the problem isn't "strange" - it demonstrates that TTG's QA department doesn't know how to properly and thoroughly test their games.

    This is why companies like Valve pay Electronic Arts to publish their packaged good games. QA is not as simple as sitting down and playing a game. There's a ton of work that goes into making sure a game will work well, and TTG dropped the ball with their hubris thinking they had the competency to tackle the job at hand.

    BTW, this has been a known issue for a while (4GB Xbox Slims have less cache memory than those equipped with large hard drives). If TTG's QA department didn't have their heads in the sand, then they'd know how to test this properly. It's pretty easy to avoid replicating a high-profile problem from 2010.

    Games like Mass Effect 3 are hyper compressed and do a crazy amount of streaming. That game is just fine with the 4GB Slim's reduced cache level because the QA guys worked with the programmers to optimize their games. People just have to be good at their jobs to avoid making the same mistakes from their working peers from 2 years ago.

    Ignorance is never an excuse when you're supposed to be a professional at a pretty finite job responsibility. It'd be like your accountant not keeping up with changes to the tax code.
  • Seriously died 3 times from the second zombie in the game. The video froze from the very beginning of the fight. Still getting glitches, almost lost Clem, and I registered JUST to post this.

    I have a regular Xbox 360, it's the disc version (I actually got the disc and the Steam download for Christmas, but my brother switched the steam game for Sam n Max), and seriously I now wish I kept the download and returned the disc but I don't know why anyone would buy this stuttering shit.

    I wouldn't be this upset if it didn't seem like such an awesome game, but seriously, if the downloaded version is fixed can we just get a free version of that since we already bought the game?
  • they are saying the game disk are not good, they are glitched. I can't get to episode 2 it keeps going back to the beginning of episode 1.
    I'm also having problems saving games, you come back and it is gone. very disappointing. I don't have the slim xbox 360 either
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