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You in TWD

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Sometimes i like to think of comics as alternate realities like Dc/Marvel has the mutli-verse. The Walking Dead is no exception i like to think that since its an alternate universe that i exist somewhere. I just wonder where.

But where do you think you would be? Would you be in a group surviving or will you walk among the dead?
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  • 1. Find out that zombies have occured

    2. Find a gun

    3. Opt out
  • I would try to protect my former friends as good at I can, and as long as I can take it.
  • distortion;758121 said:
    With good reason. I live in a highly populated area and my best weapons are a baseball bat and a two inch switchblade knife. And I don't know a single person who owns a gun.
    I don't know anyone who owns a gun either and my best weapons in the house right now is a hammer x)
  • The place I live in makes the Middle of Nowhere seem like a metropolis. We've got a few guns, and since we live near a gas station we'd probably raid that place for some food and fuel before heading to my uncle's farm way out by itself, and likely survive there. So long as we made it out my my (incredibly small) town, we'd stand a good chance of surviving for at least a month or so.
  • I'd be surviving.

    I'm in good health, can shoot and I know how to fight in close quarters. And while I'm a nice person, generally, ruthlessness and pragmatism are equal parts of my personality. And I take personal survival.. very seriously. Combine that with the fact I just don't panic.... I'd be fine... as long as I didn't join a group.

    The average person - far too likely to get killed and get others killed on the way out.....
  • DreadMagus;758580 said:
    The average person - far too likely to get killed and get others killed on the way out.....
    I find it hard to believe that an average person is like Ben.
  • The average person thinks in terms of jobs, family, school, tv, music, games, dinner, sex, etc - take that away in a cataclysm - and what's left? Most likely someone scared batshit crazy and utterly clueless as to what to do..... or worse, in complete denial.

    So Ben or Shane - either way they're a liability.
  • This depends. First, on the time of year. We have a creek running on the back of our property, but they only release water from the damn into it April through October. So if we had water, that would never be an issue, and I think that will be a big thing for long term survival.
    The second thing is the most important. If my husband were home with me, I'd be okay. He grows a mean garden, knows a lot of survival skills, can McGyver damn near anything he needs, can build almost anything, and is a good shot with plenty of guns and his own reloading equipment, with enough supplies to last quite awhile. We live in the country, so I believe he could fortify our place against the few people that might happen this way. If I'm home alone..well, I can shoot. I can grow food. But my health isn't super, so fortification work and running would be out. I'd be toast pretty quickly on my own.
  • I came across a website a while back- essentially it asked you about 30 questions (such as age, where do you live, social skills, health...) and then based on your responses gave you the amount of days you'd live in a zombie outbreak. I thought I would do well- but apparantly not. Was given 14 days and then it was lights out.
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