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TWD crash on connecting

posted by halldorr on - last edited - Viewed by 8.3K users
Picked up a copy of TWD for my wife on Steam as I loved the game but she just can't play the damn thing. We have identical computers as far as hardware goes and it ran just fine for me.

Here are the things we've pulled from the forums and tried so far:

1) Played with compatibility sittings, tried them all but no luck
2) Set run as administrator, no luck, set to all users, no luck
3) Tried replacing a DLL here and there as suggested, no luck
4) We don't have controllers but we pulled all USB stuff one by one, no luck
5) Disable internet connection - this appeared to work

Is there a fix to this? I'd like her to be able to play as the game intended and have the Steam sync work properly for her without having to always disabling her internet connection.

We're both on Windows 7 64bit and we connect tot he web through a home router. Seems odd that it would crash on connecting but that is where we seem to have an issue every time.
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    DjNDB Moderator
    I updated the batch file above, included your experience, and made sure the service doesn't automatically restart.

    I am also at a point where i can't do much more myself. I'll try to get some attention to this issue in our Mod forum.
  • How do i restart the service in that case?
    Gonna take a look at the batch to see what was changed
  • I don't see a difference between the two batch files really. I believe that if i will not Alt+Tab while in game and will not finish the first Batch it will still run and do all good. The second batch basically is just having the text edited but does the same. It restarts the DNS service only after i finish playing and exit the game.

    So basically if i will not "Press any key" on the first one while still playing it'll be just the same (Just finish the process after finish playing).

    I was about to use that as a temporary solution any way. Just i want to make it work without anything and hopefully make it work for other people as well that are having a similar issue.
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    DjNDB Moderator
    The new batch does the same but has two extra lines.
    sc config dnscache start= demand
    sc config dnscache start= auto

    They prevent the dnscache service from restarting automatically while you play, which could happen otherwise. It's just an extra security measure, so the game doesn't crash unexpectedly because of that.
  • Fair enough. Thanks a ton! At least now i can play with that in the background while still using Skype and other network related things! That's awesome.

    I would still be happy to see this resolved. And please give me a PM or anything or even post here (As i have subscribed to the post) so i can execute any sort of test or logging needed
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    DjNDB Moderator
    Will do.
    I am glad we at least found a workaround that is less restricting.
    I just posted the thread in the Mod forum.

    Now it's time for a break and making some popcorn...
  • Hahahaha!

    Sorry for causing you so much trouble man, and thanks so much again for cooperation!
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    DjNDB Moderator
    I just reviewed some of the past things we talked about.

    We still have not excluded your router from the equation.
    Does it also crash, if you connect your PC to the internet in any other way?
    Also, what's the type and speed of your internet connection?

    I saw in the UPNP data that the router identifies as NETGEAR DGN2200v2BEZEQ RangeMax NEXT Wireless Router.
  • Thing is i don't think it's a router. I have changed my router from D-Link 2650U which i used before (Because it was old and probably broken) and it had the same issue.

    I have an additional router which is a D-Link 2760U but i think it'll have the same issue as it must be something with the program and not hardware. As i said, having this problem for quite some time now
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    DjNDB Moderator
    I got asked in the Mod thread, that's why I am requesting more info.

    Just for the sake of completeness, it would be good if you could try the other router, and give some details about your internet connection.

    While the problem occurs in the program, it does so only on a few systems. So the question is, what triggers it on these specific systems.
    The interesting part is, that it persisted through Windows installations in your case.
    Therefore it could also help to have more detailed information on your hardware.

    Please run HWiNFO64, and select "Report/Create" from the menu. Choose HTML as export format and confirm. Then zip the report and attach it to a reply.
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