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Walking Dead, Starting Episode 3 Error

posted by Knude on - last edited - Viewed by 390 users
Simple explanation of my issue:

I completed episode 1 and 2, after loading up my game to begin episode 3 it tells me that I have not completed prior episodes and asks if it's okay to generate the decisions for skipped episodes.

I have restarted the game client and my PC, each time I load my save it takes me to the episode 3 screen, but it always tells me that it will have to randomise the decisions.

I have also rewound episode 2 to the last part and replayed to ensure that it had saved properly, again it takes me to the episode 3 screen with the same error.

Anyone else have this issue/have suggestions for solving it? I bought it through steam and such as well, running on Windows 7, if that helps.
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  • Copied my save to the second slot and decided to see what it'd do in "generating" decisions, either it loaded correctly, or it guessed well. Freaked me out a little that I might not have been able to finish my own save, seems to be okay now. Only a little into Ep 3 now.
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