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couple of questions

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ok just finished playing for like the 100000 time, and i keep wondering is that cray joleen chick supposed to be clem's mom or a "bandit" woman up in the woods? if she's her mom they put her down in the head in ep 2 right, so she wouldn't have come back by ep 5 meaning clem wouldn't have seen her and how would zombie mom get to savannah b4 every1 else on a train? ALso in ep1 i chose to save carley girl power. I would figure she could give me the option of saving doug cause she has a gun kill 2 birds with 1 stone? guess your screwed no matter what. and who reli belives that at the end it's omid and christa? i do obviously they r walking just 2 people, and walkng like people kind of points to the rational solution unless a new group. your thoughts on all this?
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  • Welcome to the forum, i guess. That's some crazy spelling you got there.

    Jolene is not Clem's mom. But she used to belong in the bandit camp, after being assured that it's safe in there. They took away her daughter (Not Clementine.) however and she went nuts.

    There's a photo shown in episode 1 of Clementine and her family. Then, there's a photo in the tent in episode 2 that shows Jolene and her daughter. Jolene does not look like the mom from the photo in episode 1. Thus proving the fact.

    I think it's some other people. Telltale said that bit after the credits was something they thrown in while writing the story for season 2. Why would they make such a massive cliffhanger for Omid and Christa finding Clementine? I'm sure it must be something much more interesting.
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