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Christa and Lee..

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In my perfect TWD world, I would have done it so that when we come back from Crawford Omid is dead (no offense to him at all this is just my P.O.) and Lee and Christa form a strong bond trying to find Clemintine, Lee never gets bitten and season 2 picks up with the 3 of them trying to find a place to call home. that would be great. but we all know this can't happen, so yeah. just thought i'd share. :)
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  • ^^agreed..The reaction to the sonogram. Omids over-protectiveness of her.
  • Robbingrobin;758646 said:
    I thought the same as OP. At first I thought they both would be just roommates and not a couple. Then I thought "Maybe Omid dies, yes, I like him a lot, but Christa would better fit to Lee." She would not instantly fall in love with our urban guy, but maybe to the end of Season 2... Yeah.
    How does Christa "fit" Lee? They have barely ever shared a nice conversation, and when they did, it was about Clementine or Omid. I could barely see them as friends in a normal situation. Christa and Omid, I can see. Because opposites attract and such, but Christa and Lee aren't similar, but they aren't opposites either. They have nothing in common. The closest thing to a romance Lee had was Carley. This sorta shows us what kind of woman Lee likes. Christa is not similar to Carley in anyway. It's just like Molly. Molly is not similar to Carley, but because she's a girl everyone expects Telltale to replace Carley with Molly.
  • They're both black. So is Clem. I had a lot of good conversations with Christa. It gives you the option to ask if shes alright ALOT. Just depends on how you play the game I guess. And on a couple occasions she says "I agree with Lee." So they're not that far off from one another. Oh we'll its just my opinion.
  • Corcline27;758694 said:
    They're both black.
    Corcline27;758694 said:
    They're both black.
  • anonymau5;758700 said:

    This was my reaction, too.

    Christa and Lee are basically the same, and some people who are in romantic relationships to each other are quite smiliar to each other. They share many traits and stuff. Lee and Christa are both pretty protective, loyal and caring for the group. They are both intelligent people...

    But It does not matter anymore, Omid and Christa are a nice couple, too, and I still hope we play her in S2.
  • Corcline27;757987 said:
    Well you do have team Kenny as your signature so I doubt you would have a strong loving vibe from christa.
    True. :D

    Although I did always like Christa, felt like she was someone I could rely on.
  • Anonymous< well you did say they have nothing in common
  • Corcline27;758762 said:
    Anonymous< well you did say they have nothing in common
    I... I feel bad for laughing at this. Yes. The amount of Melanin in their skin is similar. That is not a good basis for a relationship!
  • nigga you kidding me?

  • ^haha so funny that's your first post. Yes!
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