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Telltale Secret Santa 3: Spear of Destiny

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Why, hello there, everyone!

It's that time of year again! That's right, everybody's favorite moderator named "divisionten", divisionten, and I, everybody's favorite non-moderator who is not named "divisionten", will be hosting yet another round of Secret Santa funanigans to contribute to Holiday spirit! The Summer Santa was our most popular yet, so let's hope we can beat it this time!

Games must be gifted through Steam, no exceptions
As with last time, there's no firm maximum, but please don't go overboard with your gifting. Most people only spend between ten and twenty dollars on their gift as a maximum. Also, there's a minimum of $2.50/£2 so we don't get anyone buying Fortix or something silly like that.
You MAY send gag gifts (like BRATZ or THE MAGIC CRAYON something silly, but it DOES NOT COUNT towards your gift. Also, don't send a more expensive gag gift than your real one. It'll probably get regifted anyway)
We're also asking that those who do join have a post count of 60 or more and joined the forum prior to October 2012. Just trying to keep potential scammers out. :)

Sign Ups:
To sign up, please send the email your Steam account is associated with and your Steam name to divisionten via Private Message. Then, please post in this thread so I can keep a running list of those who are signing up - you must do both of these before the deadline, so we can get started without a problem as soon as possible! It's highly recommend you simultaneously post your Steam Wishlist in this thread, so the people who are gifting you at least have some idea what kind of game you'd like. The period for entry ends one second before the Steam Holiday Sale begins at 6pm GMT on December 20, 2012, and the period to gift ends one second before said sale ends. We'll then try and get everyone's target to them as soon as possible.

As per last year's seemingly very effective strategy, gifts will be sent via proxy to maintain anonymity. Divisionten will provide more details when it is time to assign targets.

List of Participants:
Darth Marsden
Giant Tope

Our main rule, as always, is to have a good time! Any questions can either be PM'd to me or divisionten or asked in the thread itself.

Happy Holidays,
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  • So, what did everyone get, anyway?

    I got Train Simulator, Commander Keen the first two Secret Files games and Blue Toad Murder Files. Thank you, Giant Tope! :) I didn't expect to get near as much, but I was good all last year and totally deserved it. ;) And good job on deceiving me. I'm tempted to post the messages you wrote as they were very fun to read.

    I've played through the first Secret Files game and Blue Toad Murder Files so far. I don't know why I never played the Secret Files games before, but wanted to try it after it got some mentions on the best adventures of the last 10 years thread over at the Double Fine forums. The first one was good. Looking forward to the second one as well, but I've heard that the recent third installment isn't very good.

    I played the demo of BTMF during my parental leave from work about a year and a half ago, and have had it on my wishlist since, so it was cool to finally play through it. It's a typical British crime mystery with a fair share of Laytonesque puzzles and British humor. There's also a whodunnit at the end of each chapter. I didn't like all the puzzles, but overall it was an entertaining game.
    This was quite fun, as it always is.

    Agreed. And buying a few games for others make me feel less guilty about all the games I always end up buying for myself during the sales. Thanks for hosting this again Ribs and divisionten! :)
  • I got both the Arkham games from Picard. Granted, if I participate, my sender is unfortunately not a surprise, but the games certainly were. Looking forward to cracking into them along with Analogue, Recetrer (from my brother), AoE 3 (also from my bro), and FTL (Dashing's mom)

    Here's the last of the presents from Santa's bag!

    Edna and Harvey
    Dawn of War Franchise Pack
    Mass Effect Collection
    The Witcher 2

    EDIT: The person who was supposed to get Hamlet owns it. The person who sent it to me to gift should send me a PM and I'll send it back to you so you have it for another Santa

    I got the ME Collection
  • Biggins, thank you so much for all those games! I really appreciate it.
  • Thanks fer The Witcher 2 and FTL, D10!
  • I will be destickying this thread tonight. Thank your Santas and see ya'll in July for another round!
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    Jennifer Moderator
    Thanks so much for the games flesk. :D
  • Thanks LoveToDo22. You're the Man (or the Woman).
  • I will be destickying this thread tonight. Thank your Santas and see ya'll in July for another round!

    Or June! Depends what Valve considers Summer this time around.

    I'll get to work coming up with a cheesy slogan...
  • der_ketzer wrote: »
    Thanks LoveToDo22. You're the Man (or the Woman).

    I'm a man, albeit gay. I guess ya could consider me as either.
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