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Lee was passed out in the car for TWO DAYS?!? And, reasoning about the outbreak.

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Now that Season 1 is over (man, that finale...), I think there's no harm in picking apart components of the story we may have missed before. If the actual game writers want to come in and directly answer questions about the story (like they did on that drugstore helicopter crash post), I see no harm in that either. Until that happens, feel free to muse and agree with or argue against me on my guesses, but please try to provide some sort of evidence from the game.

Anyway, I want to bring up something I noticed about Episode 1 watching other peoples' play-throughs on YouTube. If you choose to tell Clementine that “something else” (walkers) killed Sandra before you did, she says she “heard her scream two nights ago.” (, at 9:52)

Let's assume that Sandra died the night of the date of the outbreak. If Lee was in the car crash on the day of the outbreak, he has to have been passed out for the rest of that day, that night, the next day, the next night, and the first part of the day he woke up on. I'm no expert, but that seems like a LONG time to be out cold...

Some people on these forums have suggested that the outbreak started days before Lee was being driven to prison. That doesn't make any sense; if that was the case, the old cop wouldn't be so nonchalant about everything coming through his radio, and the dispatcher on the police radio wouldn't refer to whatever violence started happening in Atlanta as a “riot in progress.” The order and closeness of the messages coming through the radio (first a 10-91E (“animal” bite according to in the area, then a medical team on it's way to Hartsfield with 10s and 20s coming in (which I assume is a police term for serious injuries), and then a riot in progress with 217s (assault with intent to murder according to directed towards all officers), suggests that local law enforcement had no clue what was going on and had to deal with multiple outbreaks all of a sudden. You can hear all of this in, with the first blurb at 1:50, the second at 2:15, and the third at 2:50. Sorry if some of them are hard to hear.

Depending on how much time you look around in the car for and what you say, the spacing between a single other police car being seen on the highway, and a helicopter and SWAT team making their way towards the city, is only a few minutes. Whatever made people come back after dying and started the whole epidemic must have happened only a few minutes, or couple of hours at most, before Lee's conversation with the cop in the car. A few fatal heart attacks and car crashes later, you have walkers ready to kill (or at least bite) and turn people all over Georgia, the United States, and maybe even the world, depending on whether the phenomenon had to spread or happened everywhere at once.

If, then, the 'apocalypse' started when (or just before) Lee was in the car, and Sandra was half-eaten by walkers that night, and a day and a night later Lee meets Clementine, logically, he had to be out for two days.

The only thing weird about this is that the cop is attacked by walkers and doesn't turn until Lee goes up to him. Which means that either he was also passed out for at least a day, or he took a couple of days to turn (which doesn't make any sense).

Thoughts? Is there something obvious I'm missing? And how does Lee seem to know how long he was out for when he says “two nights ago? Yeah, that's probably what happened”? And how come the answering machine doesn't give a date, even when the first two calls are supposed to be from the day before? Okay, I'm done now.
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  • I guess that Lee, in immense pain, could've blacked out, fallen asleep, stirred sporadically to hear the police officer get pulled from the car and so on, fell asleep again, whatevs.

    He missed the actual outbreak itself, that's the point.

    It's a common theme in zombie movies; "The last thing I remember is falling asleep, now I wake up and the world is different." I think that it's such a common plot device for 2 reasons:

    1. It'd be difficult to depict the actual outbreak itself realistically.
    2. The writers get to skip over a lot of details and give the main characters a little exposition later, so that the viewer can learn with them.
  • dubesor;746930 said:
    Dr. Jenner from the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta.

    If I remember correctly, Dr. Jenner and the CDC isn't in the comic, thus that is uncannon.
  • It makes no sense that he would suddenly fall in coma... I thought everyone knew he was passed out for an hour maybe. The zombies were in the woods all the time, that is why the police officer got eaten. And Sandra had gotten killed a couple of days ago.
  • Passed out? You think he fainted?

    He was in a car wreck - he most likely had blunt trauma to the head.. being out for hours, or even a day+ is possible and maybe even likely.
  • dubesor;746930 said:
    edit: also further proof that you are wrong is that in the walking dead universe the corpses generally take anywhere from 3 minutes to 8 hours to reanimate. the officer only just turned when Lee approached him, thus he was passed out for a few mins or maximum 8 hours just like I assume above.
    this timespan is mentioned by Dr. Jenner from the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta.
    There's no way of knowing whether the officer just turned or not. For all we know, he was already zombified when he dragged himself out into the woods.
    DreadMagus;747843 said:
    He was in a car wreck - he most likely had blunt trauma to the head.. being out for hours, or even a day+ is possible and maybe even likely.
    Yes, but unconscious for two and a half days? That's not good for the brain.

    I mean, I think that was the case in the game, I think the game points to him being knocked out for a couple days. But the game - like most movies - definitely glosses over just how incredible bad for you it is to be unconscious for that long.
  • DreadMagus;747843 said:
    Passed out? You think he fainted?

    He was in a car wreck - he most likely had blunt trauma to the head.. being out for hours, or even a day+ is possible and maybe even likely.
    Yeah, I think he basically "fainted". You can "faint" from hitting your head, it's known as going unconscious. Plus the only other part of the body damaged in the crash was his leg.
  • well, Lee's watch when he wakes up says it's just after 11:00am. I'd like to think he was out for only a few hours. I guess it's up to the player.
  • It is said that one of the characters actually know how the outbreak occurred i don't remember his name but he worked for the government and knew how it started and it was classified info.

    well he claims he knows
  • I'm fairly certain that the anomaly, or whatever raised the dead, didn't happen just as Lee stepped into the police car to begin his trip to prison. I always thought that it had begun a few days before he was sent to prison, allowing the undead population to get higher and higher until then. Lee is put in the car right about when the number of zombies in the Atlanta area begins to hit levels where they go from the "some infected people returning in hospitals as well as from natural deaths" to the "numerous zombies, starting to outnumber the living" stage. Just because the cop acts like nothing has been happenening lately doesn't mean it wasn't. How many people would assume that small "riots" and a sickness, likely labled as the flu, was going around meant Armageddon was coming down on them? The cop was probably one of the people who thought nothing of it until he had to stare at a walker down the barrel of his shotgun.
  • Whoa good points man.
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