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Any C64/Amiga fans around here?

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The first computer I bought was a C64.. I was seven at the time. I still remember having to wait for like five minutes to run a game since I had to buy tape games.. couldn't afford a floppy drive at that time heh.
A few years later I got the Amiga which completely blew my socks off.. it's a damn good machine and it was a lot better for games than the PCs were back then (this machine was released in 1985 with 32 color, smooth multilayered scrolling, 22 khz stereo sound while most PCs had 4 color graphics and PC speaker). I didn't get it until 1992 or so though.

So does anyone else here have great memories with either of these wonderful machines?

Btw, look at what I just bought hehe.. an Amiga style USB joystick for use in emulators. Very cool I think, it works perfectly in winUAE.. it's just like playing on an Amiga almost :D
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  • You were one of the cool kids then. I always wanted a silver one. Oddly enough, we had THREE of the things at one point, and they were all the ugly beige.

    Hunt the Wumpus -- best game ever. :))
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    I also began to play Monkey 2, but unfortunately diskswapping among 11 (ELEVEN!) 3,5" floppies wasn't exactly my idea of entertainment. :p
    I decided to buy a 386 after that traumatic experience!
    Hehe I remember I thought that was cool.. when I opened the box and found eleven floppies.. GIANT GAME :eek:

    Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis also came on eleven floppies I think (or was it ten?) and I loved that too.
    I had an extra floppy drive of course.
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    Kevin Telltale Staff
    Hunt the Wumpus -- best game ever. :))
  • I'm going to be humming the theme song all day... :D
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    Ah, the good, old Competition Pro... I can't remember how many of them I've wrecked during several "Decathlon" and "Summer/Winter/World/California Games"-sessions...

    But I DO remember how happy my brother and I were, when our dad bought a C-128 in 1987. The two of us running through the house like crazy, chanting "We have a computer!" while dad installed it.

    "Maniac Mansion", "Leaderboard", "The Last Ninja" and the good old "Garfield Print Studio" ;)... ah, those were the days.
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    Heatherlee Telltale Alumni
    My first machine was an Atari 800. I loooooooooovvee my Atari 800! I still have it and it still works great.

    In case you are light on your game machine history: the Atari 800 was the full "computer" version of the 2600. The 2600 only played games. The 800 you could use for all kinds of things. In theory. Besides a brief stint at trying to learn BASIC, I pretty much only played games on it.
  • Haha... you could do BASIC on the TI computer, too. I had fun with that. We had a book that gave instructions for programming in funny little programs... One was called "Gag me with a spoon". I remember nothing about it... think it had something to do with school lunch. :))

    Aww, I have to get my dad to send me one of those TI machines sometime. I feel the need to relive my childhood...
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    Im 31 now

    Got a C64 in 83

    Went Amiga about a year after it came out and finally went pc right around when windows 3.11 came out and I paid 1800 bucks for a 386sx/20 with 2mb of ram

    wow.. what the heck happened now i have 3 computers and about a terrabyte of storage..

    I actually about 2 years ago found my orig sam and max cd and re-played the whole game...

    Im excited these kinds of games are making a comeback.. RTS and FPS's get old and im not so foolish as to let myself get drawn into a MMORPG ;)
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    I loved me C=64! I finally put it away pretty much for good in '94. I made a few games for it, which you can now find at various C=64 sites and play on emulators. I actually just talked about the Commodore in this recent interview:
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    One Amiga 500 fan right here! Favourite games include (which I still play now!):

    Lemmings (Amiga version was the only one with the Shadow of the Beast level, complete with music!)
    Lemmings 2: The Tribes (best version, musically)
    Shadow of the Beast 1 & 2 (never could play 3, that was a 1200 game)
    Monkey Island 2 (my first LucasArts adventure - wouldn't play another until we got a PC though!)
    Cannon Fodder 1 & 2 (two of the finest games ever created)
    Bubble Bobble (one of the finest games AND theme tunes ever created - doo, dooo doo-doo, doo-doo, doo-doooo...)
    Doctor Who: Dalek Attack (hey, if you're a Doctor Who fan and a videogame fan, you don't have much choice!)
    Jurassic Park (forget the crappy console platformer - this was an epic and wonderful game! The FPS moments against Raptors were soooo tense!)
    Rainbow Islands (another catchy theme tune, although the game was more irritating)
    Double Dragon 1 & 2 (looked crap but were insanely addictive!)
    Fire & Ice (anyone remember this? People remember Sonic, Mario and maybe Zool, but not Cool Coyote! This was a deep, um, cool game!)
    Monty Python's Flying Circus (worth it for the manual alone)
    Street Fighter 2 (the worst version of the game ever created, just try to win as Ryu! Actually, we can scratch this one)
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