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TWD crash on connecting

posted by halldorr on - last edited - Viewed by 8.3K users
Picked up a copy of TWD for my wife on Steam as I loved the game but she just can't play the damn thing. We have identical computers as far as hardware goes and it ran just fine for me.

Here are the things we've pulled from the forums and tried so far:

1) Played with compatibility sittings, tried them all but no luck
2) Set run as administrator, no luck, set to all users, no luck
3) Tried replacing a DLL here and there as suggested, no luck
4) We don't have controllers but we pulled all USB stuff one by one, no luck
5) Disable internet connection - this appeared to work

Is there a fix to this? I'd like her to be able to play as the game intended and have the Steam sync work properly for her without having to always disabling her internet connection.

We're both on Windows 7 64bit and we connect tot he web through a home router. Seems odd that it would crash on connecting but that is where we seem to have an issue every time.
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  • So is it bad that i got a 784 MB file the first time i did it?
    Maybe because it was installing windows updates? I dunno, but then after i restarted and launched the game before process monitor - let it idle a bit and started it just to click on "Click here to continue" button - let it crash and then saved it (Which still produced 55 MB)

    Is it bad then?
  • Any ways the file is uploaded it is called "Clean boot"
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    DjNDB Moderator
    Yes, the windows updates might have caused that. Please try again after they have finished, and include the startup of the game. The point of the clean boot was to exclude as many other running processes as possible, to keep the log size reasonable and the result readable.
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    DjNDB Moderator
    perilomo;759312 said:
    Any ways the file is uploaded it is called "Clean boot"
    Since you already uploaded it, I'll take a look at it anyway.
    You should have zipped the file. Zipped it is only 5MB.
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    DjNDB Moderator
    Okay, it would definitely be better to do it again. I can't see which network traffic is caused by TWD, because of what windows update did.
  • Oh, but that was already after the update. The first file i did (Right after windows update) was almost 800 MB big

    I will do it again in a moment, just a bit busy
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    DjNDB Moderator
    Thanks for your patience.

    Please Zip the file this time. It reduces the size to about 10%, and makes uploading and downloading much faster.
  • Zipped and uploaded - Called "Clean Boot V2"

    Thanks again for your time looking through it
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    DjNDB Moderator
    I'll look at it soon.

    Can you tell me how long it approximately takes from clicking "click to continue" to the crash?

    I also got another request from TTG:
    Please rename the savegame folder ( %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Telltale Games\The Walking Dead ) so the game doesn't find it, and try starting the game while being connected.
  • It takes between 2-5 seconds? And with the batch you taken me it takes about 20 seconds for the game to skip to the main menu.

    Also about the save file - Isn't it the game created the save folder only AFTER i started it for the first time and it wasn't there before i ran it? Gonna do now anyway
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