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Who would you rather want as your sidekick: Clementine or Carl?

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In the case of you being alone with one of them in the Walking Dead world.

I know and agree that Clementine is God's gift to earth, but Carl has been pretty badass in the show as of lately, so he would be more of a survival help than Clementine.
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  • DreadMagus;741911 said:
    Yeah, he played the part of Jason Todd well.
    Haha that damn joker zombie!
  • DreadMagus;741582 said:

    She's far less likely to kill me out of hand should she think I'm beginning to be a liability in some way.
    I get that you love the game. I love the game. I get that you adore Clementine. I adore Clementine. But i'm not sure how Clementine being less likely to kill you in your sleep makes her a better side kick further more Carl would only kill someone if they were dangerous. Unless you would be dangerous to Carl you have nothing to worry about. Every person he has killed has killed first or threatened his safety.

    Ben was psychotic and dangerous because he had snapped after seeing all he had seen. He killed his twin brother Billy in cold blood and had killed the farm animals prior to that. He was developing a fixation with killing. Like many others in the group Carl acknowledged he was dangerous and was a risk to the group because he was unstable. None of the adults were able to kill Ben or could abandon him and procrastinated, which would have ultimately put Andrea and Dale at risk since Dale was planning to leave the group with Andrea and Ben . Carl stepped up and did what he felt needed to be done to protect his group. He killed Ben and shouldered the responsibility and did what was to hard for the others to do. Not because he was cold, he actually liked Ben and was upset about having to do it but he saw no other way around it.

    The question is who do you think will live longer out of Carl and Sophia? Where Sophia is more like the Clementine character, unless her developmental age surpasses her chronological age as Carl's has she probably won't out live him despite Carl putting himself at risk. If Carl's mentality keeps him alive longer than the more innocent and passive children I would rather him by my side, not only might I live longer because of it but I would have less to worry about if was with me because of his level of maturity.
  • CharmingBirch;741588 said:
    I don't watch the TV show. Never did. So Clementine.
    Seems kind off biased. That's like deeming one person better for a job than the other when you have only interviewed one of them. Just saying. Now I know why the poll is so high for those voting Clementine. A lot of her votes are probably coming from people that don't even know Carl or what benefits he would bring to being in their company and her other votes are coming from fans that are still swept up in the buzz of the game. Neither of which are voting impartially.
  • Carl (comics) are younger than Clem. Clementine are more smart than Carl, and how Chuck said - she has a good spirit, it means that her mental health are stronger than Carl's.

    Carl has more chances to survive I think, because he already became a brutal it's useful to surviving, just remember Ben (comics), or Negan's gang. So I choose Clementine, only because she need care more.

    P.S. In TV show Carl are stupid kid.
  • Haven't watched the TV show either, so I choose Clem
  • Ghositex;741593 said:
    Clem. Never watched the show (just the first two episodes), and the comic book Carl is just too independent. Clementine might do stuff without your permission... but Carl does everything without your permission. It seems like he did it just to bother Rick... People up to date with the comics should know :)
    Bare in mind that the game is only 5 episodes long, each episode probably being equal to a comic's story arc and the there are 105 or so comic episodes. Off course Carl would have shown more disobedience than Clementine. He's story is far longer. There is no way of telling if Clementine would be more obedient than Carl after only 13 weeks of living in a ZA. 13 weeks in, Carl was pretty compliant too.

    Now I love Clementine, don't get me wrong but when you consider that she kept the information about the camp man engaging her on the radio from Lee for a week because of her innocence and desire to reunite with her parents i'm not sure how she would be a better side kick in a ZA.

    The reason I refer to the comic version of Carl is because that is the original and the game is inspired by the world seen in the comics, not the TV show. Carl behaves like a teenager at the end of the day. He is impetuous, zealous and impatient but when he has defied Rick in the comics it wasn't done out of selfishness. It was poor judgement all the same, but usually the result of him doing what was in the best interest of the group or what he thought was for the group. It is considered defiance because Rick wanted him to stay safe because he is his son and all he has left and Rick will want him to stay away from danger at all times. The fact that Carl is willing to put himself in danger for the good of the group is courageous and shows he is more formidable than he is given credit for, after all he is often successful in meeting his objectives.
  • I don't think Clem is as bad in shooting and surviving as the Carl fans say, i see it that way: when we picked her up, she was scared and couldn't do ANYTHING useful, it's fully reasonable since she is a little girl, who was dropped into a very messed up world.
    i liked her for beeing helpless, because it was very realistic. But in the time we had her around she learned much and learned it quickly, we taught her to shoot. She still couldn't handle a gun (remember train station), that's reasonable too, because unlike in "usual" games it's not that the char learns the skill "gun mastery" and shoots like a badass. No Clem learned the basics. but when it mattered she pulled herself together and shot walkers, and humans, she's not as badass as Carl but during the last few days (since ep3) she learned much stuff quick, i think in 1 or 2 months she'd be just as good as Carl (he had to learn too, don't forget that). we remember when we brought her to Crawford she saved molly's ass, if we didn't she killed a walker by herself, if we couldn't handle the radio guy she shot him (btw. i was really proud/shocked in those moments). also she is very smart for her age, i don't think Carl is.
    I'd rather want Clem around than Carl (for all the reasons above + he became kinda heartless (tvshow) and i really don't like him, but i like Clem)
  • Actually (my personal opinion), answer for this question depends of our wants. If you need to have more chances to survive, you should choose Carl, he already know what he should do in danger. He has more survival skills than Clem. If you want save/take care about somebody, you should choose Clementine, and Clem have a big potential, you just need to teach her a little, and then she would be like Carl or better.
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