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Who would you rather want as your sidekick: Clementine or Carl?

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In the case of you being alone with one of them in the Walking Dead world.

I know and agree that Clementine is God's gift to earth, but Carl has been pretty badass in the show as of lately, so he would be more of a survival help than Clementine.
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  • DanJ555;741609 said:
    Comic Carl doesn't seem so bad...
    Show Carl got Dale killed.
    Depends on which Carl.
    Yeah but by that reasoning, Clementine running off got Lee killed, the protagonist of the game who you was controlling. She didn't mean to cause the repercussions but neither did Carl on the TV show. Let's face it I loved the Clementine character in the game but she wasn't as trustworthy a companion for Lee as Carl Grimes has been to Rick. (When I speak of Carl in the rest of this post I will refer to the Carl of the comics since he is the original and inspiration for the one on the show and the game is based on the comics.) With Carl what you see is what you get. He pretty much tells it how it is. He would say what is on his mind even if it offends others. If he thinks your acting crazy he will tell his dad he thinks that person's crazy, like he did with regards to Morgan and Sophia. If he keeps something from Rick it's because he doesn't want Rick to worry, feel responsible or stop him from something that he strongly feels needs to be done for the good of the group. Even then his conscience leads him to fess up and tell Rick what he did and why. He doesn't have to be caught out before owning up.

    Clementine smiled and nodded with Lee like everything was normal whilst she was engaging with a stranger on the radio for a week which she kept secret. Girls like that in the real world would scare the fuck out of me because they often grow into women that will cheat on their partners. Jokes aside, her loyalty was as much to the campman when he asked her to defy Lee and seek her out as Ben's loyalty was to the friends he thought the bandits were holding captive when he deceived Lee's group to sneak supplies to the bandits in exchange for their safe return. Carl never had a hidden agenda when he defied Rick. It was Carl trying to help or to do what he understood as being necessary for the groups safety.
  • dee23;759422 said:
    her loyalty was as much to the campman when he asked her to defy Lee and seek her out
    I think you're right about that, but i also think she learned her lesson, she blames herself for Lee's death.

    btw why's he called "campman" ? i don't get it...
  • Pickles312;741802 said:
    I could watch Carl's hide but he could also watch mine. He'd be more of my sidekick than Clem, who even though I love her to death, could barely kill one walker.
    Good answer. I like to see people being impartial and logical instead of just choosing their favourites. I voted Carl also since he is far more experienced at coping in a ZA. Carl could probably start a fire and be useful in other ways since he would of learned different skills from watching the different people in his group over the 18 or so months his been surviving the ZA.
  • Siniistar;741826 said:
    clem easily

    carl may have more survival skills than clem, but he's turning into a killer really quickly. As much as i commend what he did in the last issue of the comics, I wouldn't want a kid that reckless around me.
    How many times did Clementine go missing in episode 4? If talking of recklessness, Clementine sneaked out of the house despite being told to stay, using Omid's sickness as a distraction, the second time she went missing she went off exploring outside without telling any one where she was, getting locked in a dark shed which she had climbed into through a hatch which she couldn't return through and then there is the time she ran off whilst Lee was asleep to meet the person she had been secretly talking to on the radio for the past week, the following day. If Carl had been that defiant over two days it would be a tie, but Carl's acts of defiance are incidents spread over many months. So one can argue that he his more obedient overall since his defiance is less frequent and inconsistent.

    As for Carl's body count. How many people would he have killed 13 weeks in the ZA? By my record one. When he shot Shane who was going to kill his dad Rick. Depending on player choices Clementine will shoot the camp man to save Lee after she has hacked at him with a meat cleaver or any of the other weapons she see's on the table. I score them one a piece within the first 13 weeks of the ZA. Whose to say how many more people Clem would of killed by the time she is 18 months or so in the ZA like Carl is? Carl doesn't have an itchy finger or a blood lust, he has gone to a hostile base where everyone he has seen would not hesitate to kill or rape him and he wants justice for the saviors killing his people and to put a stop to Negan's tyranny. I agree that Carl can be impetuous and short tempered, who can blame him he was nearly gang raped on the road to Washington shortly after his mum and baby sister were killed escaping the prison. Sure he needs to learn some restraint, but he will. He has lost his innocence and Clementine is losing hers. I would find both Carl and Clem equally scary if I was one of the mystery silhouettes we saw at the end of ep5 and I didn't know here since she was last seen holding a gun with blood splashed on her face and her body smeared with human flesh. Imagine Clementine 15 months after that ordeal.
  • Irishmile;741981 said:
    Both comic and tv Carl is certainly more likely to be able to take care of himself, but he also seems like he could snap at any second..
    Not if your comparing how Carl would have been by the point in the walking dead story where Clementine is. Now if we fast forward from when we saw Clem last,with a gun in her hand, blood splashed on her face and human flesh smeared on her clothes, looking traumatised and confused to 15 months or so further in time to where Carl is in the comics since he has been in the ZA for around a year and a half, who's to say what her mental state would be by then. If Carl from the comics had a cameo in the game and met her he would not have been so volatile or untrusting as he is now since less things would have happened to him by then. I say this to say that they are 2 different characters seen at 2 different stages of an ongoing story. You can compare Duck to Clem or Carl to Sophia since they have been around as long as each other through these horrible events and have been shaped and influenced by these horrors. But if we look at Carl as earlier in the story as we are looking at Clem he is really not so bad or unpredictable and he still has the skills she lacks.
  • ZeroShoot;759425 said:
    I think you're right about that, but i also think she learned her lesson, she blames herself for Lee's death.

    btw why's he called "campman" ? i don't get it...
    In the walking dead wiki database the guy who kidnaps Clem is referred to as campman. I think it's because he's associated with the day the group looted his belongings from where he was stationed. Apparently he had left his belongings in the car on purpose so he and his wife could return to them and so if his son found his way back he would know to wait for his parents whilst they were looking for him. Also it's quicker to type than guy on the radio or many of the other names associated with the guy in the motel. People seem to have a universal understanding of the term. I read it a few times in various places and it just stuck.
  • I hate Carl... so obvious pick.
  • Not sure if Carl would kill me off...

    But then Clementine can also get me killed off (indirectly...)
  • People who support Carl make good points. However, I would still go for Clem (not saying the Carl people are wrong).

    In addition to all the skills and ZA life experiences she learned since meeting Lee, Clem has really shown she's capable at the end of episode five. She did drag an adult to safety in the middle of a herd and then escape from an utterly infested city to the countryside.

    Plus, at least in my playthrough, I feel I have also imparted on her important lessons to maintain her humanity, not just surviving.
  • Carl, he's more trained in killing zombies, understands the things he has to do and is older.
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