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How many walkers are there, production wise?

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Just to satisfy my own, morbid curiosity, I was wondering if someone on the production team could answer this simple question; how many individual generic Walker models were made for this game?
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    _BrYan_ Telltale Staff
    This is a slightly complicated question to answer exactly. Rather than build individual zombie models for every zombie, we created a few zombie bodies for each gender to allow for some size and sex variance. From there, we made different pieces of zombies (Heads, torsos, legs, arms, ect) and then our cinematic artists created zombies by putting those pieces together.

    There were some special zombies (like Sandra) which were cutstom made, as well as some where we took an existing character model and "zombified them" on the texture side (Like Brie or Clem from Lee's RV dream).
  • Oh cool. I figured that there were a dozen or so different models that were re-textured as necessary, it never occured to me that the walkers were mix-n-match.
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