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Walking Dead non-release in Australia.

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To Whom ever it may concern ~

I'm a gamer and I own a PS3. I've recently been watching Toby Turner's game commentary on The Walking Dead PC and have been really interested in buying and playing the game. I originally thought that it was only released on PC but after searching I found it on PS3. I was excited of this propect only to come across the devastating articles on the fact that Australia did not see the Walking Dead on the store shelves. I was so dissapointed because I thought this game was a great idea and looked so good to play.

I managed to find out that Tell Tale didn't submit the game due to our OFLC ratings on video games. I then came across an article that told me that the OFLC has confirmed that an R18+ rating for video games January 1 2013. I can only assume that The Walking Dead wasn't submitted due to it's restricted rating so I wanted to ask, if this rating is passed, will TellTale Games reconsider putting forth the plan of having this game released in Australia?

Thankyou for your reply in advance, It would be a great prospect to have The Walking Dead here in Australia, as I've heard alot of people want to experience the game.
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