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Finished Walking Dead. Next Telltale game??

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I just finished the Walking Dead Series and loved it. I am now a huge fan of Telltale games. I am trying to decide which series to start next and figured I would ask for your input. I love adventure games. Some of my favorites include obviously TWD, Heavy Rain, Indigo Prophecy, Silent Hill. I know those are all "horror/mature" type adventure but I am open to anything that is a good quality game.

I love exploring and interacting with the game environment, good writing, and conversation options (loved Walking Dead, Mass Effect, Dragon Age Origins type conversation style where my conversations/decisions had effect on the game, or I could persuade people,etc). I understand some or none of the other Telltale games may have all of these things but just curious what you guys think I would like. Sounds cliche but just looking for a good, quality game.

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  • Telltale is a relatively young company, and you can see a lot of difference in its games as the company has evolved. Most of its earlier games are more into humor than anything else, but you can still explore and solve puzzles.

    If you want an idea if these sorts of games are for you, and if you have a PC, take a look at Abe Lincoln Must Die, which is episode 4 of season 1 of Sam & Max. You'll notice the interface is extremely different from TWD, and in fact, the interface isn't even consistent throughout the different Sam & Max seasons. The reason for recommending this episode is that you can play it for free, and you can see the sort of humor that's also present in Telltale's other earlier games. That might help you decide if you want to try some of the others.
  • While Telltale's other games are great, they're very different from The Walking Dead, in both gameplay and tone, so don't expect anything like TWD.

    How familiar are you with point-and-click adventures? (Monkey Island, King's Quest, The Longest Journey, etc.) That's what most of Telltale's library consists of.

    Anyway, Sam and Max is probably the best starting point if you want to get into Telltale. Like WarpSpeed said, Abe Lincoln Must Die is free. Download that, see how you like it, and if you do maybe buy the rest of the episodes.

    Also, I wouldn't recommend this otherwise since (in my opinion) it's Telltale's weakest game, but since you mentioned Heavy Rain and Indigo Prophecy, Jurassic Park might be a little more in your comfort zone. I wasn't a fan myself, though.
  • He may also enjoy Back to the Future: The Game, though a know a few other people around here who'd disagree.
  • Thanks for the quick replies guys. Downloaded Abe Lincoln Must Die. About to play it. I could actually use a "stress-free" game and this looks fun. I'll look into Jurassic Park and Back to the Future, also. I'll let you know my feedback after I've played a bit.

    Thanks again! This is a great forum.
  • Also, fair warning for you; stick with the PC versions if you can. The console ports of TTG's older stuff tend to be very buggy.
  • Also, if you're not iffy about the whole point & click & drag stuff, you could try Tales of Monkey Island, as at least the last two episodes are tonally between that of Sam & Max and I think The Waking Dead? So you basically get the best of both worlds, the wacky adventures of old and the seriousness of later games.
  • You can also use WASD for Tales, which I've always preferred.
  • You can also use WASD for Tales, which I've always preferred.

    I always use the Arrow keys.
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    I prefer click-and-drag for Tales, though Guybrush's tendency to twirl around after the camera angle changes while using that control method is a bit annoying.
  • der_ketzer wrote: »
    I always use the Arrow keys.

    See, I find the arrow keys awkward because then I have to stop walking before I can use the mouse. Or use the mouse with my left hand. Or frameshift myself so my left hand is on the arrow keys.

    They were doable in Escape, because there was no mouse and I reconfigured all the other keys to make it kinda work, but other games? Nope.
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